Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week # 07/28/2009 (Adjuntas) 1st Transfer

Email Dated: July 28, 2009
1st Transfer
Companion: Elder Kolar from Cedar City, Utah

Hola Familia
so are you wondering if I am alive? well just to let you know I am haha but our p-day got canceled for Monday and moved to Tuesday and then we couldn’t find any computers so we found this university so I don’t have too much time but yeah anyway things are going great I’m loving it I’m in the coolest area in the whole mission the biggest town in my area is called Aruba its right smack dab in the middle of the island its really really cool because it’s like pretty rural and all rainforesty and up in the mountains we have the highest point of the island in our area its way cool I’ve decided that dad would way rather live here when he retires because it’s like amazing here it’s got everything sweet beaches sweet mountains warm weather and sweet jungles too and the area I am in is just a bunch of farmers and stuff and then there town stuff too its really really cool it reminds of just like Ecuador but it’s just a lot lot lot cleaner and you can drink the water and everything it’s like one of the coolest places ever I’m really excited to take you guys back here after my mission its pretty dang cool but anyways I’ll tell ya a story real quick cuz remember that’s what I liked when I read missionary emails but anyways yesterday I decided to lead us when we went tracing and it was way fun I took us off through the "campo" and so we were contacting all these people with little farm houses out into the jungle and it was really cool I don’t think the missionaries had been there before haha but anyways we were walking on these little roads in the jungle chasing lizards and such and then I saw some vines so I decided that I would show my new trainer how they swing on vines in Ecuador :) so I jump and crab a hold of a big fat one and I’m hanging there for a bit and I start to swing and then all of a sudden it broke and I fell so I decided that the only thing better about Ecuador compared to here is that the vines are a little stronger haha but my comp thought it was kinda funny but yeah so my trainers name is Elder Kolar from Cedar Utah he’s an awesome missionary he’s only been out for 8 months in the field and so his trainer is still here too haha its pretty funny I guess usually they don’t train till a little bit later but yeah we are loving it hes way cool and we have a lot of fun. but it sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselves in mountain home and Rexburg and all over the place but yeah so this is my address po box 33 Adjuntas PR 00601 so yeah I’m expecting some letters pretty soon and you guys should be getting one soon enough that I sent when I got here. o and make sure you tell everyone my address so they can send me stuff there and for boxes you just have to send them to the mission home :) but yeah life is going great except I’m pretty sure they don’t speak spanish here because they all take the ends off all the words and mumble and just ram them all together it’s like the weirdest stuff ever I never have any idea what they are saying idk how anyone does so hopefully I start catching on a little bit cuz at the moment I’m a little bit lost but I try and contacting people and a lot of times they just look at me funny cuz I don’t answer their questions but o well I’ll learn :) but the lessons on the other hand are really good cuz I can understand elder kolar when he speaks and when we are talking about the gospel it’s still hard to understand the puerto ricans but it’s not as bad but yeah so I thought I better tell dad that I’m actually even eating bananas now and I really kinda like fruit haha people always give us bananas so its kinda cool but yeah I better take off I hope things are going good and your having fun and ill talk to you next week
love ya
Elder Ward

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