Monday, August 3, 2009

Week # 08/03/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: August 3, 2009

Hola Familia

Puerto Rico is great and im having a ton of fun. it sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselfs on the trip to canada. Of course i remember the dinosaur place are you kidding me i dont think we have ever gone to canada without going to the dinosaur place the last time we went i think jason climbed up on his back haha but thats way cool about the deer jason is lucky because he can legally just get a hunting license there so yeah maybe before i get back dad and jason will have gone on a big hunt over there the reunion sounds liike fun its kinda funny that eric is the only kid but im sure its not to hard on him haha. i havent gone to canada for a while good think that dorthy and charlie came down because i havent seen the canadian side for a while haha kinda crazy i want to go to canadan some time when i get back last year at school me and nate were thinking about taking a road trip up there or maybe that was supposed to be for spring break i cant remember the living arrangements are pretty good haha :) we live in a little appartment and you can decide how it is after my story of last night. so we get home and plan and do all that good stuff and then we decided it was ant hunting time so we go around killing all these ants that just poor in from the cracks in the walls and in the windows and everywhere so we are busy burning smashing and spraying ants and trying to fill the cracks they come in and then i opened the drawer in the kitchen and there is like mouse poop all over in it and then we kill a bunch of ants and are about done and i see a giant roach on the ground and so then i had to kill that but other than that our appartments really good ill have to take a picture of it and send it to ya some time its kinda funny haha but yeah thats our house our Branch (rama) is just a little one but we have a way nice chample i think there is probably about 40-50 members that go to church most weeks but they are way cool Elder Kolar says that this is the best area hes been in for getting food so thats good but yeah there awesome and sunday i gave the opening prayer for sacrament haha my first one ever and it was in spanish :).ok so the picture book thing i bought one in the mtc and i wish i would have bought all my stuff in the mtc cuz it was cheaping cuz they give missionaries a discount but anyways everyone like loves the pictures so i want to get like two or three of them so if you can send a couple that would be nice if not i think i can order them from the office i was also going to ask you if you could get one of those wooden plan of salvation puzzles for me to if you can and then cds and that Doc Martin shoe polish stuff above the microwave haha if you could send that stuff that would be awesome :)but anyways about the mail its great it gets here in about 3 days so that works nice so i got your letter a couple days ago and then packages get here really quick too like three days so yeah that will be goodbut about adjuntas it is a district and we live in it and then jayuya is in our area too but we hardly go there cuz its a long drive but yeah we cover bother those districts and towns there kinda funny cuz its just two towns out in the middle of the mountains dad would love them its a pretty cool place and its way colder than the other places so thats nice the only bad thing is we have to drive like 45 minutes to get into a normal town were we can email so that kinda stinks so p-day we waste a lot of time driving but yeah everythings going good the fruit is way good i dont love bananas but i eat them and the members feed us great food and we eat plenty of dads fravorite platanas but i have to say i think they are better here then ecuador (the rice is a lot better here too :)) dad and jason will understand that one :) but yeah everythings going good im loving life and if i have time ill try to send pictures today
Love you guys
Elder Ward

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