Monday, August 17, 2009

Week # 08/17/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: August 17, 2009

Hola Familia

Missionary life is going great there is supposed to be a big storm today and it has been rainy and overcast but we will see everyone’s been telling us to get ready so we had to do our hurricane preparedness stuff but I think everyone’s over reacting a little haha its hurricane season now so it rains like all day everyday and its kinda crazy and a lot of times we will be outside tracting and its just pouring on us and we are soaked and still people won’t invite is in haha we just stand outside the fence shouting through the rain and getting drenched its kinda funny haha and it’s kinda fun to be out in the rain and jump in the puddles (I’m not going to lie we like it better when its not raining but we do our best to make it fun :)) it’s been getting cold here too I’m actually sleeping with a sheet over me now and turning my fan off sometimes haha we are in the area mas fresco than all of Puerto Rico so I’ve been really grateful for that :) it sounds like you guys had fun over in Buhl and bowling huh? I’m thinking I might need a house like that :) but yeah that’s awesome you can tell them congrats for me :) (Matthew’s cousin Jenn’s baby blessing was yesterday and they have a bowling lane in their basement.)So pops is the new ward clerk huh? Does that mean he has to be a high priest now or is he still staying with the young bucks in elders? But anyways the missionary work is going really good and we have been working really hard. the area I’m in hasn’t got a baptism in like 7-8 months or something like that and the one that did get baptized doesn’t go to church so its kinda bad and not a lot has happened here in a while. my companion said he had a lot of elders that didn’t like to work cuz two of them were in their last transfers and were just a little lazy but we’ve been working hard and we have found 3 people that I think are going to get baptized the couple that I told ya about last time that just showed up to church are way awesome and so golden they don’t have any problems except cofe which we’ll get rid of ;) (I guess it’s a good thing Matthew can’t spell coffee? LOL!!) we taught them again yesterday cuz he worked from 11-10 so we couldn’t teach him all week but this week he’s got all the nights off so we can teach him and we went to his house and we left him with reading the introduction of the book of mormon and he read everything before 1st Nephi and when he finished that he just started reading and has read a ton so far its awesome but yeah we keep teaching them and they just keep asking loads of questions and just say don’t worry we will learn soon enough poco en poco. It’s way cool they are so so so awesome and then the third one is a girl that we taught yesterday and she is way cool and really excited to come to church we brought some members her age to come teach with us and it was just awesome I’ve decided that that is like the key with missionary work its all about the members members members members so if the missionaries have you go work with them do it :) haha but yeah so we are doing really good. I really really really hope I stay in Adjuntas because transfers are on the 2nd so we are both really scared that one of us is going to get shipped out but hopefully not :) it’s kinda crazy how long I’ve been out here huh? I hit three months on the 20th it’s kinda scary cuz as fast as the time is going by I better start learning some more spanish cuz I’ll be going home in no time :( but anyways with the cds just get like all the efy cds you can and just good stuff like that and every other church music you can get a hold of besides spanish hymns and primary songs cuz I already have that but everything else would be nice oh and disney songs if you can get those too :)
I got your package today right before we left to go email it was the first mail we’ve gotten in a while so we were both pretty stoked so thank you thank you thank you I loved it and good idea with the rings that was smart and the books (the new gospel art picture books) are going to be awesome I’m really excited my last book got a little wet in the rain so now I pack everything in plastic bags its kinda funny so I learned my lesson on that one. I thought my bag was pretty water proof but it wasn’t haha I’m just happy my scriptures survived :)but anyways I haven’t been taking too many pictures cuz we have been really busy but I’ll try and take some more and I haven’t got my license yet either but I’ll get it done soon we are just crazy busy all the time. but anyways I thought I would tell you guys a little about this weekend so we are in a town that is just full of churches and its pretty crazy there is like more churches here then in Utah and they are all different religions haha. It’s pretty crazy but anyways they always have all this crazy stuff going on in our town plaza so we go down there and talk to people and make contacts a lot but this weekend they had a big old prayer thing for all the religions and they all came and knelt and prayed from like 10 - 12 and then after they shot off fireworks it was crazy we were in bed but we live right next to the plaza so we heard the whole thing. It was pretty funny but then not only did they end it with fireworks the whole weekend they just had like a big party afterwards haha it was kinda funny but pretty cool at the same time I bought this really cool smoothie that they cut the pineapple insides out and then put your smoothie in it. It was so good and pretty funny I LOVE pineapples :) (Pretty funny cuz Matthew totally despises MOST fruit and he is learning to LOVE most fruit!) But yeah so we had fun at that and talked to a ton of people. well I think I better get going ill try and send ya some pictures thanks again for the package and I’ll talk to you guys next week
Elder Ward

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