Monday, August 10, 2009

Week # 08/10/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: August 10, 2009
Companion: Elder Kolar

ok so I think I’ve answered some of these questions haha but o well I know you forget sometimes mother dear haha jk but anyways yeah you can just send it to Adjuntas because we know for sure I still have 3 weeks there so that will work just fine but yeah around transfer time its better to send to the mission home cuz then I’ll get it at zone conference but we won’t have another meeting till transfer meeting and that won’t be for 3 weeks but my normal life is pretty simple haha I wake up at 6:30 and then I exercise for 30 minutes and then I get ready for the day for 30 minutes and then I eat breakfast and work on some Spanish at the same time and then personal study starts and I do that for an hour and then comp study for an hour and then Spanish study for an hour and then it’s out doing missionary work we just contact people and then just run around to citas all day long and yeah we just keep pretty busy we usually take a little time out for lunch and dinner when we have members that feed us but if not we usually just wait till we get home at 9-9:30 then we plan and get ready for the next day and go to sleep haha the only day that is different is p-day and that day we just do everything the same except 11-6 is we run around trying to get our stuff done and do our laundry and stuff we do have a washer but we have to hang dry I don’t think anyone in our area owns a dryer haha but yeah so that’s how the days usually go the Spanish is coming ok not as well as I would like I’m starting to understand a bit but sometimes we’ll be talking to people and I have no idea what’s going on I hate when that happens but yeah that first week was really hard but now I’m getting better and am starting to understand at least the gospel conversations what we eat is whatever we can find haha we don’t waste too much time eating usually it’s bread and peanut butter for me and some pineapple or something and every now and then when we really want to we’ll make some tuna or some beans and rice haha but yeah and then when we eat with members its beans rice and some kind of meat I love it and I had one of the members teach me how to cook it so we are gonna try it this week but yeah anyways life is great I’m having fun working hard and getting stuff done haha so anyways like the coolest day of my whole mission happened yesterday its a long story but hopefully I can write it really quick but yeah so we had a dinner appointment that we went to and the people weren’t there so we went tocing instead so we toced this guy and we were talking to him and he wasn’t really interested but we set up a time to talk to him again and like didn’t really think much of it and then so yesterday we had like 6 people that said they were going to come to church and we were waiting but no one showed up so we were like dang lets go get them so we left and we ran around to their houses and they were all sleeping and wouldn’t come so we were like really bummed cuz not a single one would come so we went back to the church and we were late and it was just a bad deal but then we see this car in the parking lot and we were like who's that? and we walked over there and this guy gets out of his car and it was the same guy that we found tocing (i just realized that doesn’t make sense to you guys tocing is spanglish tocar-is to touch in Spanish but they use it to mean knock too so really its tocando puertas but we spanglished it haha dad will understand) but anyways so it was the same guy and his wife and they were like oh we just thought we would come here instead of you guys coming to us and it was crazy cuz they live like 30 minutes from the chapel and so the wife was really nervous but we got them inside and they stayed for all of church and really loved it and it was just awesome and then we went back that night to their house and taught them a lesson which was awesome and the wife she doesn’t ever talk and she is really timid but she was like crying during the lesson and wow it was just crazy and then at the end we asked the man to pray and he was a little scared but then he just got down on the ground and we all kneeled and prayed it was awesome we didn’t even ask him to kneel but they are so cool and yeah it was an awesome experience I can’t wait to teach them again. but yeah so that was awesome everything else is going good I got your box of goodies when I got to the mission I thought I told you all about it but yeah it was awesome I loved it and the book is way cool I love all the pictures of my mission buddies that’s way cool but yeah it sounds like you guys have been having a lot of fun and everyone is doing good and it sounds like the cabins are coming along good and so that’s awesome it sounds like the rain’s crazy for you guys but I have no sympathy because every single day we will be outside and then it all of a sudden turns into a crazy down pour and we get soaked you never know when it’s going to come it’s kinda crazy but I guess that’s the tropics for ya haha but yeah I’m having a ton of fun and I’m loving it here in Puerto Rico but I hope you guys are doing good and how was that UP movie? I wanted to see that one haha it sounded good but yeah I better get going I’ll talk to ya next week

Elder Ward

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