Monday, April 12, 2010

04/12/2010 (Mayaguez)


So everything is going just great here in Mayaguez. It’s wonderful yeah -- Elder Christensen was here for 3 transfers before I got here and so yeah I know him. Right before he left he told me he left me some good food so that was rather nice of him! Haha! But yeah we are doing great Margarita still has her baptismal date but what happened was that when Elder Christensen left they put 3 new missionaries in the ward and split the area. So Margarita is in the other side so really I have never taught her but I have talked to her at church. She is an old lady that has been going to church for about 2 years. The only reason she hasn’t been baptized yet is because she cant quite give up her last little half cup of coffee she drinks every morning but she will do it soon I think and we are praying for her :)...

The other people in the area are great! We are teaching an awesome family that includes a mom and three young boys and they are awesome. They live in the same house as a member so it’s really cool! We are teaching them and she is always going to church so I’m pretty sure we will set a baptismal date with her pretty soon. Then we have another family that goes to another church but we have been teaching them and yesterday we went over with a member to teach them and the coolest thing about the member we took is that she was a founder of the church they go to! Haha! so I really really think her testimony helped and they will start progressing really soon :) other than that we have had some really good experiences and some new people that we have found and are teaching so yeah this week should be really awesome and I’m way excited to teach :)

So Andrea and Bill’s house looks way awesome. I want to go visit before they sell it! Haha! o well I guess just tell them if they sell it they have to buy a really cool different house! :) But yeah sounds like you guys had a good trip and things are going good in Mtn. Home! It’s also crazy to think that Bishop Price has not been bishop for a whole year isn’t that kinda crazy? but yeah I don’t know what else to tell ya haha I think we are going to go to one of the nicest beaches in Puerto Rico today! I’m not sure exactly but I think we are so if we do I’ll take some good pictures and send them to you guys next week... my shoes are going great no problems I think my black ones might last my whole mission I have my fingers crossed and I’m praying haha.... but yeah well I better get going but you guys have a great week!
I love ya

Elder Ward

O yeah just send stuff to the office it’s a lot easier that way :) love ya

PS: O yeah mom I wanted to ask you a favor. So the best ties in the world to have on the mission are the old polyester ties and I figured out how to get them. I guess you can get on eBay and buy boxes of like between 15-50 ties for really cheap like $.50-$1.50 for every tie so that would be awesome if you could get on there and buy me a box and send it to me and then I can send some to Jason too if you want so that we only have to pay shipping once. but yeah there’s a missionary that’s always getting boxes of them from eBay and they are like the coolest ties ever and they are durable so if you could do that I would appreciate it :)

Love ya!

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