Monday, April 5, 2010

04/05/2010 New Area: Mayaguez (6th Transfer)

Transfer #6
Area: Mayaguez
Comp: Elder Rivera


ok sorry it’s been a little bit what happens here in the Catholic capital of the world is semana santa (holy week) and during holy week everything closes down and everyone eats fish and so i couldn’t email cuz the library was closed and everyone was off eating fish haha

but anyways I’m currently living in Mayaguez right now since Wednesday. i was really bummed to leave a lot of the people that we had found in Ponce including the man that had the baptismal date. we found him and he felt so bad that we hadn’t taught him for a while so i think he will probably progress again with Elder Wilson but yeah and then another guy named Juan is just amazing and I’m excited to hear if he gets baptized.

This week has been way crazy because we had to do all the moving stuff … helping all these people move, building bunkbeds and just crazyness and then we had a normal work day FINALY this Friday and it was good I got to get out and work hard in the new area and we had conference WHICH WAS GREAT! they talked a ton about families and wow it was a great conference. for some reason i just got the feeling like the times are only going to get worse and worse as we get closer to the last days and they were just advising us to be strong do things we need to strengthen ourselves and our families and just seguir adalante like they say over here haha

but yeah I’m really excited to be here in Mayaguez. its another giant city but on the awesome side of the Island. I’m on the west side and really close to some of the nicest beaches in PR and i live a rock throwing distance from the ocean but yeah everything is going great. My new comps name is Elder Rivera from El Salvador and he is great. Its awesome having a latin comp because my Spanish is getting even better :)

well i got to go but it sounds like you guys had fun in England. o and i also thought it was funny about Jason because all the stuff he asked for is stuff you learn you want on the mission and i should have told him haha cuz i wear short socks a lot, the watch thing, and everyone always get the PMG shrunk they do say its illegal but all the missionaries get them haha but yeah ill talk to you guys later

love ya
elder ward

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