Tuesday, March 23, 2010

03/23/2010 (Ponce, PR)


wow i cant believe you guys are over there again (in England) and I'm 20 years old can you believe that? I'm an old fart haha i don't like being old its so weird but yeah anyways everything is going good and i did get your package it was awesome! thank you so so much i loved the calendar and the missionary card it was awesome but yeah thank you so so much i loved it and the cookies were great! i love homemade cookies so if you send any more packages just skip the candy and send me cookies haha they are cheaper anyways :) but yeah thanks a ton! :)

so this week was a good week. we were working pretty hard and trying to get stuff done. we were pretty low on the old investigators but now we got some new ones that are just way way way awesome. one of them is a sports journalist and he is like the coolest guy I've ever met. he really is amazing and he's just humble and he just keeps telling us he wants peace and happiness. he is awesome so we have been teaching him now and yeah it really is great. then there is another family that lives right next door to our bishop and he is awesome too. we have been teaching them twice now and they are great and they said that they are going to go to church this Sunday and that really should be awesome the dad is just amazing he really understands things and he's smart which is awesome. so we are teaching them and then the ones that had the date for this week well they kinda fell off the face of the planet for a week or two but we've been trying to get back in touch with them and I'm pretty sure we will be able to find them again this week so yeah hopefully we can continue teaching them :)

but yeah everything is going great we had interviews yesterday and transfers are about 1 week from now (a week from Wednesday) so we will see what happens. I'm pretty sure one of us will be leaving but we have no idea who it will be. so yeah we will see what happens. i really want to stay and keep working here but i also would like to see a little more of the island so i hope they leave me here one more transfer and then send me off but who knows :)

well you guys have fun in England and say hi to everyone for me and tell Eric he could probably buy himself a Scottish kilt and i bet they would let him play tennis in it hahahahha

love you guys

elder ward

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