Monday, March 8, 2010

03/08/2010 (Ponce, PR)

wow yeah this week was so fast for me kinda crazy i cant believe we are emailing again but anyways life is going great our best investigators are the ones with the date for my birthday they have gone to church a couple times now and they are just awesome and are progressing really really well and he just fits right in with the ward its great but yeah we are still teaching them and they just love everything and love learning and he goes to church and he just asks all sorts of questions and like all the classes just help him so much its great but yeah we are working with the other people really hard but only the guy and his wife came to church this sunday so we got a lot of work to do with our other investigators but yeah ill let ya know how everything goes

thats so crazy about Jason i had to stay in the mtc for 9 weeks and he only has 8 that's so awesome he is one lucky bugger! I still haven't heard really anything from him for a bit so he better write me back soon!

Sounds like you had a fun time in Rexburg. I can't believe there is snow in the world right now IT'S SO HOT!!!! haha actually to tell you the truth yesterday was like the best most cool day in my entire mission. it was so cold i think it even hit like 70 i think i'm not sure but everyone was wearing like sweatshirts all day it was so funny me and my comp were just loving it it was amazing.

I'm so happy to hear about Brad. That's so good! I told you he was a tough old bird haha but wow thats great!

You can just send mail to my address in Ponce still if you want - I'll be here till March 31 that's the end of the transfer I think I will go after that but we will see what happens who knows o yeah and I remembered something I need for my birthday haha one of those oil vials for consecrated oil! Mine's all broken!

wow i cant think really anything else - things are going awesome we are doing great and the cheesecake gets better every week :)

love you guys
elder ward

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