Monday, March 1, 2010

03/01/2010 (Ponce, PR)



Wow crazy crazy sounds like life is going good back in mountain home. we did get to eat our cheesecake we had to toc doors for about 5 hours straight but we got it haha :) but yeah the mission is kinda crazy about what you end up liking i think its just you get old and your taste buds change cuz really the only things i don't like now are milk and green olives but now even the green olives are growing on me cuz everyone puts them in their food here haha it's kinda weird but I'm pretty sure the whole milk thing will never change cuz i still cant even stand the smell of it but yeah i love cheesecake remember when we bought that one in England :)

but yeah anyways this week was really good we are teaching this family that is way awesome we had taught them twice and the second time a member came with us and he was just awesome he really did his work cuz we taught and then he invited them to church and said he would come and pick them up the next day and then he came and picked them up and took the to church last Sunday and he like took them on a tour around the chapel and wow he was amazing and the best part is is that he only has like a year in the church but yeah that was awesome so then this week we were on a trade off cuz one of the other elders got sick so his comp was tired of staying in for a whole day so my comp went with the sick elder and me and the other one worked but yeah we went to teach them and they couldn't stop saying how great church was and then he just started telling us that hes going to go every week and that he wants to be a Mormon it was so so so awesome in his prayer he said "porfavor bendicenos que podams convertirnos a mormones de puro corazon" it was AWESOME! coolest thing ive ever heard an investigator say haha but yeah pretty dang awesome he has a baptismal date for march 20th (pretty cool date hu? :))

but yeah so why is Jason leaving already? i thought he was supposed to be there for 12 weeks? so that means he shouldn't be leaving yet haha when did they change it? he hasn't written me for a while

so that's awesome about the Olympics and Canada sounds like you guys had a pretty good little party haha I'm not going to lie i kinda miss the Olympics a little bit but o well haha

but anyways sounds like everyone's going good i feel so bad for brad i hope he gets feeling good soon tell him i said hi and "que sesienta mejor" haha that's what i always say to people when they are sick :)

but yeah i better get going it sounds like everyone is doing good ill talk you next week

love elder ward

ps don't worry about my birthday i have a ton of money on my card anyways and if I need anything I'll just let you know ok and I'll just buy something when i need it :)

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