Monday, March 15, 2010

03/15/2010 (Ponce, PR)


So yeah our week was kinda rough this week pretty much all or investigators dropped and they said not to come by this week it was kind of a bummer but o well we will try again next week. so needless to say we did a whole lot of finding and looking for people to teach. we did find a really really cool family that was just awesome. Something kinda funny - i'm beginning to notice is that all our investigators most of the time are not from Puerto Rico haha We found one family that is originally from panama and they are awesome and we have a return cita with them tomorrow so i'm pretty excited about that.

The guy that was supposed to get baptized on my birthday we couldn't see him either this week and so he won't be ready for his baptism this saturday but he did go to church which was great and this friday we have a cita with him and we are going to go back by and set up another date with him but yeah so that's kinda what went down this week it was good and we worked hard and we are excited to teach the new people we found. AND EXCITED TO FIND MORE!!! :)

But anyways it sounds like you guys are getting excited and ready to go that should be way fun to go to scotland. i really want to go to scotland and ireland sometime so i might have to make that trip before Andrea moves back haha but yeah you guys will have a lot of fun and Kennady will be so excited.

Jason sounds like he is doing good. that is so awesome about his mission he is going to have a ton of fun wow he's going to love it haha sounds like a really cool place to serve a mission.

But yeah about daylight savings time we don't have it here we always stay on the same clock so yeah we never change which is nice i think haha

but yeah i'm going to get going you guys have a great week and enjoy your travel haha!
i'll talk to you soon

love you guys

elder ward

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