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So yeah everything here is going just great we are having fun and working hard. We have found some really cool families that are progressing quite well. We haven’t really set any baptismal dates yet but we are planning to set a few in the near future. But yeah we are just doing really well.

This week starting Monday me and my comp Elder Burton had a car and he has had one his whole mission cuz he was in the East Mission. The other two missionaries in our district were having a bit of a tuff time on bikes so we decided to give them the car and take bikes for a while. It was funny cuz Elder Burton hasn’t rode one his whole mission so we were just laughing and having fun and then we were walking around the plaza and we walked by all these younger kids and they just started busting up laughing at Elder Burton and that’s when he realized that he still had both pant legs tucked into his socks up to his knees it was pretty funny but yeah we are doing great.

Sounds like everyone had fun in Rexburg how about Tanner and Kyle -- were they there? And how are they doing? And Denver and his wife? It’s been like over a year since they got married and it still seems crazy to me haha. Eric was saying that there were no kids there but tanner and Kyle and Kelsie were all there right? How come he didn’t go chasing cows?

That’s really cool about Lin and her mom. That happens so so so often everyone hates us before they even get to know us and then we try and try and try and help them and then finally something just clicks and they realize that we are just trying to help them but that’s awesome that she finally realized now she just needs to realize what that means haha. There’s a million scriptures that say all good things come from god especially in Moroni so if she realizes that all those good things that god has put in his church (like the opportunity to have an eternal family) were put on earth so she could have them and be blessed by them then shed love to be a part of it and have those blessings. But really the most important thing is that the members are friendly and really are her friends and then it’s all up to the missionaries to teach her by the spirit and help her down the path.

Well I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon

love ya

Elder Ward

Letter to Andrea …. 08/18/2010

haha so we decided that we can probably go to the light house now because there in actually no beach there just rocks and a cliff and stuff and we had a little meeting the other day about the rules so I think I will be going one week from today :) my ward mission leader said he wanted to take us out there haha.

Sounds like the reunion was pretty fun and that everyone enjoyed themselves a little bit :) what did sonny do? Did he sing? Play the guitar? Or what haha man I'm kinda bummed that I missed it. But I think your a little bit crazy about that sister missionary she is definitely not cute and I’m pretty sure a little weird haha there is just usually something funny about those sister missionaries that makes everyone wonder where they come from.
HEY HEY HEY! What is all this 9 months stuff? first off your cutting me short its not quite nine months yet and second your scaring me it goes by fast enough already from now on all we say is that I've been out for a little over a year and then we just leave it at that :)

Well you guys have a good week

Love ya

Elder Ward

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