Wednesday, January 5, 2011

01/05/2011 - Happy New Year!!

Well sounds like things are going pretty good. Our New Years was pretty good we didn’t go in early. President decided things weren’t too bad so we just stayed out and worked all day it was great. One of the recent converts that just got baptized gave us a bunch of food too. He’s so cool, he cracks me up. He lives right next to the ocean and a swampy lagoon so he’s going to take me hunting alligators haha! We decided that I better wait till I come back to visit him though :) it probably wouldn’t be the best missionary activity!

I can’t believe its been so cold that’s crazy. I’m a goner for sure when I get back I seriously get really really cold when it’s like 70 degrees. This is not good haha.

I got Granny's and Ruby's package. It was great! Had a bunch of good stuff in it. I haven’t got to use all my toys yet but here soon I will! Haha! But yeah you can just leave it at home waiting for me. (His candy bar with Money in it from Grandma and Grandpa.)

So about the extension … I figured a bit more out. We had zone council and interviews with president so we were all talking to him about it because out of my group there are 4 of us that are zone leaders and two that are APs so yeah we were all there and they told me it was my job to get Elder Burton to extend. We got it all figured out and asked a lot of questions to president and he said he is allowed to extend for 30 days no matter what. It’s his choice - any longer would have to get approved from the First Presidency. He also told us that he’s only going to let us extend if our whole group does it so that we can do the little thing he has planned. There are 13 missionaries in my group and what he said is that our last 10 weeks so 1 transfer and the extension we would be working in two wards all together and we wouldn’t be leaders or anything just focused on those wards and working really hard and trying to make it grow supper fast so yeah that’s the plan I hope it all goes through :)

So yeah that’s so crazy that there is so many in the family now. Was everyone there? What games did you play this year? Any hand and foot? I would love to have like one whole night to just play cards, eat food and frappe and not have to worry about getting up early the next day! haha that seems so weird to me :)

Kori’s getting married? That’s so crazy! That’s cool he was an EFY councilor - I was thinking about doing that or better I think would be OYA but yeah sounds like it works out pretty good ;) hahaha I wonder if you make pretty good money doing it … you’ll have to ask him for me. Maybe he will be engaged for 6 months and I’ll make it back in time haha That’d be cool!

Well I hope you enjoyed your vacation have fun working again!

Love Ya!

Elder Ward

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