Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hola Familia!

Well sounds like everything is going great back home and a lot of good missionary work. That’s awesome about Drew Guyer. I don’t know him but that’s so cool he’s going on a mission. Sounds like the missionaries in Mtn. Home are pretty good ones. And it’s so true if your not getting rejected that means your not inviting anyone to do what they need to do and that’s the whole purpose of being a missionary haha I think there are a lot of missionaries that are afraid of getting rejected so they aren’t bold.

This week we had a great week we had some awesome things happen. This Sunday we saw a way cool miracle! A lady that we had been teaching with her brother and mom well she finally came to church but the coolest thing is that she came with her husband and her daughter so I saw them and ran out and brought them into sacrament meeting. Then we went to classes and things and after principios del Evangelio class. I was talking to the husband and he said he wasn’t going to come in and stuff but he was really loving it and then I turned and was talking to some other people and some members were talking to him and then he all of a sudden turned around and walked away. I was so scared I thought they made him mad about something haha but then I realized he was crying and then he came back in and started talking to me in Priesthood about a bunch of stuff. It was great … I shared a couple scriptures to help him with his questions and now he’s all excited to listen and come to church with the WHOLE family! So that was AWESOME!

We are also doing some crazy program. I think I told you but my companion and I work in another area on Monday and Tuesday. We had some funny experiences … the Elder I was working with is brand new and doesn’t know Spanish so that was fun. We found this crazy lady and I thought it was one of their investigators we were going to and so she invites us in and we sit down on like this little cement wall and she all of a sudden sits down on the floor (we were waiting for her son to get back) but I turn to my comp and ask him who she was and he’s like I have no clue. So that’s when I realized we were in for a treat haha! Come to find out she is a less active member from about 30 years ago and she had been super offended and so she starts talking to us about all sorts of crazy stuff and she was all like a philosophical speaker and just way crazy (o yeah I forgot to tell you she was wearing like this crazy little turban thing) but anyways so she’s all crazy and then we sing a song, say a prayer and try to get the spirit there. She goes crazy philosophical again and then I start bearing my testimony about the church and then she reaches up and grabs here turban thing and she’s looking at me and I was like "oh no here it comes don’t give her anything, don’t act astonished or impressed" and then she all dramatic like rips her turban off and she didn’t have any hair it was all shaved off but I didn’t bat an eye. I finished my testimony and so that was funny and she looked a little shut down so she puts her turban back on and we tell her we have to go and I stand up and before I know it my comp has got the gate open and half way out haha! It was pretty funny and so I said bye to her and we left it was a pretty fun little experience though! Haha! (just another little mission story for ya guys)

But yeah we are doing way good working way hard and the time is just going by so fast because we are so busy. Tomorrow I have to do a training thing with the whole zone all by myself because all the district leaders and my comp are going to a meeting with pres. and he wants me to do this thing with the zone! So that’s going to be fun but yeah it’s crazy!

o yeah so my going home date is June 18 for sure now. I just figured out so I don’t even get a month over the two years haha - but yeah it will be fun I’m excited for my last 9 weeks it will be exciting with the crazy new program President wants us to do.

But anyways I think this email is pretty dang long. I better get going but love you guys and I’ll talk to you later!

Don’t have too many more snowmobiling accidents.

Elder Ward

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