Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Letter from the MTC! 5/26/2009

Letter dated ... 5/26/2009
Provo MTC
Companion: Elder Oviatt from Orem, Utah

Hey Mi Familia
So im having fun and loving the MTC its been great its a ton of work but i love it. So today is our first p-day and its really good i love p-day haha but they dont give us much time to talk so i kinda got to hurry haha. but anyways yeah the MTC is great and the Spanish is going ok do you think you could send me one of those spanish Translators if they dont cost to much money because it takes me forever when i use one of those dang dictionarys but anyways my campanion is way cool hes from orem and hes a lot of fun he reminds me a ton of adam its kinda funny but yeah so i guess we are aloud to email other missionaries so i was wondering if you could send me like kyle and reed and jordan and tyson and all those guys emails i probably wont email them in the mtc becasue they dont give us enought time but it would be nice to have them. So ill kinda tell ya about what we do in a day. First we wake up and have a few hours of mdt and during that we just have to study and get to work. and then throughout the day we have gym for an hour but its at a different time every day and then we have each meal for 30 minutes and then like the wrest of the time we are class studing but anyways its awesome and we have fun. O yeah i havent taken a lot of pictures yet either so sorry about that mom and andrea but yeah im getting into the swing of things now so i should start taking more. O yeah i was going to tell you guys when we have gym out at the field we arent aloud to play football its kinda lame but cuz we cant play football we play 4 square and i pretty much rock haha jk but yeah 4 square is bomb we have a ton of fun and last night we went back and we set up a two square court in one of our friends room and had a tournement it was pretty funny but we dont get much time at night so we only got to play for like 15 minutes. So today im going to the temple wich will be a lot of fun and a nice break so im kinda excited about that. but yeah o i guess i better tell ya a bit about my distric we had 12 people in it but then two of them moved up because they know spanish really well and then the 10 of us left are pretty fun. but me and my compainion kinda hang out with these other kids in our zone and they leave next week so we are kinda bumbed about that. o and we are supposed to be getting a lot of people throughout the next two weeks so hopefully adam gets in my zone that would be so so cool to bad i would have to leave the next day though if he was in our zone haha. O i saw a couple people i know and that was kinda cool i even saw been wheeler from mountain home i didnt even know he was on a mission haha but yeah i thought that was pretty sweet but yeah. but yeah so i better get going sorry if its not too long and if i didnt type to much but i hope your doing awesome and make sure you guys tell kenna a miss that little girly because it sounds like shes missing me haha and we will deffinitely have an awesome slumber party when i get back haha.
but yeah i love ya guys and i miss ya :)
ONLY TWO MORE WEEKS and ill be writing you from the Dominican Republic isnt that awesome but yeah you guys take it easy and ill tty next week
Love ya
Elder Ward

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