Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week #2 06/02/2009 (Provo MTC)

Letter dated: 06/02/09
Hey guys
the mtc is going great and im having a lot of fun i havent got the translater yet but im sure it will come in no time. i was going to ask you if you sent me those sweet rolls yet from shelly because i was talking about them with Elder Oviatt (my companion) and then one of the other guys said he got some from some lady he didnt know but it was addressed to him and everything so if it did go to him that would be really funny we were just curious. But anyways is wierd that i only get to write to you guys on p-days its hard to remember everythign that happens during the weeks and remember all that you guys said during the letter you sent me but anyways about the missionaries in my zone we have three districts and the third one just left yesterday wich had 2 elders and 4 sisters me and elder oviatt were kinda bumbed when they left because the two brothers were are best buddies and they all went to chile they were the last people that made it out of the mtc before they stopped travel because of swine flue. Then we have the second oldest district and there is like 10 of them and they are all going to mexico and cali. i think and they are supposed to leave on the 15 4 days after us but they say because of the travel stop and the swine flue and stuff that no one is going to be leaving the mtc till the 15 so well see if we get out. In my district there is 10 of us there used to be 12 but 2 got moved up to intermediat and so the ten of us are left and me and elder oviatt are the only ones going to puerto rico the rest are going to argentina and colombia. Me and elder oviatt decided that we would hunt down the other puerto rico missioaries and i think we found a lot of them weve met a ton of people going to both the east and the west side of puerto rico but i think in our travel group there is 8 of us total going so that should be fun. its kinda wierd youd think they would put all the puerto rico missionaries in one district but they have us all spread out but yeah so i guess i should probably tell ya that i am alive and the swine flue hasnt got me yet but last week at church there was like only 15 of us in sacrament but i was kinda happy because me and elder oviatt and the district that left had to sing for it and so i was glad everyone was gone. I mean you guys have heard me sing in english and thats bad enough you should hear the spanish singing it might make your ears bleed haha but yeah so its hard to remember what to talk about because they only give us a little bit of time and i keep a good journal but i dont have time to read through it while im typing. o and tell andrea i forgot to bring her email to the computer with me so i wont be able to send her one this time but i promise i will next time and ill try and write some letters today to if i have time. its kinda crazy cuz on p-days we are still way busy like we have to do all our laundry and that stuff and we have study for like 3-4 hours and we go to the temple and we have devotional so its kinda crazy i thought p-day would be like just a day off but its not one bit in the mtc haha. but yeah so it sounds like adams fair well was pretty good im excited to get to see hime i really hope i do its going to be cool its kinda crazy though because i dont know if they are going to let his family come in they told us yesterday that all the missionaries that are comming in this week that their familys arent going to be aloud to come inside any of the building because of all this swine flue stuff so if thats the case i feel really bad for them but who knows maybe it will all be cleared up by then. thats really cool that you guys got to go to a live session in the salt lake i heard that its really cool and kinda crazy. everyone says that they are going to shut the salt lake temple down for some refurbishing for a pretty long time idk if thats true or not but i thought that was kinda crazy. well i better get goin before i run out of time but i will try and write some letters today. the mission is going great and im enjoying my self its a lot of hard work but i love it. and i love you guys to thank you so much for all the letters and all that good stuff i love getting letters its the bomb haha well you guys have a great day and dont have to much fun and ill probably write some letters right after i sanatize my keyboard hahaha
LOVE YA Elder Ward

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