Thursday, June 18, 2009

Week #5 06/18/2009 (DR CCM)

Letter dated: 06/18/2009
Dominican Republic CCM
District Leader: Elder Matthew Ward
Companion: Elder Radmall

hola familia

so life here in the DR is going great and we are having fun so lets see if i can tell ya all about it before i run out of time but yeah so ill just talk a little about the day starting on the travel to the CCM (thats MTC in spanish haha boys was i wrong when we were talking about it in the car) but anyways so the first crazy thing that happened on the way to the DR is that i tried to give a man that sat next to me on the plane a book of mormon but he rejected it so that didnt get over to well haha but yeah it was kinda funny but then we had a lot of cool stuff happen on the next flight Elder Oviatt got someone to take a book of mormon and he taught her a bunch of stuff and then right after i talked to you guys on the phone we taught a group of older African American people and that went pretty good we taught them the whole 1st lesson right there in the middle of the airport and that was fun they were pretty open and receptive but one lady knew her bible pretty good and wanted to bash a little bit and i dont think elder oviatt liked that very much so that was kinda bad but we ended up leaving them with a card and committed them to call and ask for a book of mormon and call the missionaries and they said that they would so hopefully they do but then after that we went and were waiting by our terminal and then we were sitting buy a man and his wife and they were from the DR and we talked to them for a little bit and i guess he lives just down the street from the temple adn he said he tried to go inside but they wouldnt let him so then we taught him about temples and what they are and what they mean to us and it was really cool so yeah that was fun and then we gave him a card and commited him to call as well and then we are going to send the missionaries to him because he gave us our card and we told him that we wouldnt be touring the DR but he insisted that if we got a day off that we needed to call him and that he would take us all around the DR for free because he owns a BIG chunk of the tourist industry in the DR it was really cool so i have his business card and i might have to give him a call after my mission haha but anyways so yeah that was my experience there and then we landed in the DR and thats when the spanish started haha right after the plain it was spanish from then on and it is crazy because i dont understand much weve been going to classes all day and they dont speak any english in class. the teachers dont even know that good of english so its kinda crazy sometimes its really funny cuz they will tell us somethign to do and then they will leave and we all turn to eachother and try to figure out what the heck we are supposed to be doing its pretty funny but yeah the next really exciting thing that happened was sunday (o idk if i told you i dont think i did haha but im the new district leader and i have a new companion named elder Radmall) and they people that flew in are the only people here and there is like 20 of us and then like 2 elders and a sister from haiti that only speak french but we we have to take turns conducting the meetings for the week and we were the first district to go so i had to conduct and along with conducting your district has to give a special musical number well as you all know i am really horrible at the whole musical catagory but which might be hard to believe but the other 5 elders in my district are either as bad or as worse as me so in district meeting its sounds horrible and we just are really bad and half the time its just me and another elder belting it out cuz none of us can sing but we arent emberessed so we just go but anyways we had to give this musical number and so we picked "cerca dios de ti" and it was pretty hilarious it was so bad that the sister from haiti started laughing at us we had never tried it with the piano and we did it with the piano and the piano went a lot higher than we could go and it was not good haha our voices were like cracking and everything it was pretty ugly and i think for about half of it me and elder crawley were singing a horrible duet but yeah so that was that experience that was pretty fun so now on to tuesday tuesday was way fun we got to go contact people outside the mtc and so we went over to the university that is here and we stood outside and contacted people for about an hour and half and it was really cool my companion was a little shy at first but i broke him of that pretty quick because they gave us some pamphlets and said go and so i just went right after it and was talking to people like crazy it was way fun i would even cut them off when they tried to get away from me and stuff it was pretty funny i always said the same thing i said "hola como esta? nosotros podemos hablar con usted? it was funny and then i would something like this "no hablo mucho espanol pero nosotros tenemos un mensaje cincillo sobre jesucristo y su iglesia" it was pretty funny and then we would talk for a while and they would make fun of our horrible spanish and then everytime we would commit them to call and talk to the missionaries and get a book of mormon and most of them would commit but if they didnt i would bear testimony and wouldnt take no for an anwser it was pretty cool so yeah we contacted 12 people/groups and hopefully atleast a few of them call the missionaries but yeah so that was tuesday and now its thursday and we had our long awaited p-day it was great. we went to the temple first which was an experience that was way cool seeing a temple in another country (o by the way ya know how its white in all the pictures? well i dont know if its the weather or the sun or what but the marble on the outside has all turned red over time its kinda crazy, i havent been able to take any pictures yet because President doesnt want us to but he said we will get a day sometime but ill take a picture and show you its pretty crazy) but yeah so that was cool and then we went to the park down town and did some service and cleaned up all the trash and that was way fun its not a park like in the states its more like a trash pit haha but its full of people from the university and they were everywhere and they all kept asking what we were doing and we would explain who we were and stuff it was really fun some of the garbage was pretty nasty but it was well worth it so anyways thats whats happened so far i love the ccm its so fun and your always learning the food is pretty good its the exact same thing every day cereal and oatmeal for breakfast and then rice beans bread and MEAT for lunch (lunch is the biggest meal and its way good a lot of the elders dont like it very much but i think its amazing i mean you cant have a more perfect lunch i dont think it will ever get old haha) and then usually its something small like a sandwich, salid, stew, or something like that for dinner its kinda wierd but yeah. gyms pretty fun to we go outside and play valley ball, basketball, or soccer in the parkign lot and its pretty good or you can go inside and play pingpong so usually i do a little bit of everything. the weather here is crazy today was way sunny but other than that its usually a little overcast but its good the humidity is the killer part if you step outside you just start dripping so hopefully i get used to that soon but yeah its kinda crazy but i better go because i think im out of time and ive written a ton but i hope everythings going great back home and i hope i answered all your questions i think i did o yeah nevermind i almost forgot mom you should probably wait the mtc president said packages usually get here but it takes a while but i think ill live for a little while without it i would like some candy though haha its wierd ive been craving candy since i got here but yeah dont send anything yet cuz i think its pretty expensive and i want to make sure it gets here so yeah (i tell everyone they put us in the coolest mtc so they have to give us one thing bad and thats the mail haha some elders think its the food but not me :) ) but yeah so i think that gets all the questions it sounds like you all are having fun with all the rain and work haha and even BOATING!!! :) but yeah i misss you guys a ton and i cant wait to hear from you again next week

i love you guys
Elder Ward

ps your dear elder got here yesterday so it takes a little while haha

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