Saturday, June 13, 2009

Week #4 06/13/2009 (DR CCM)

Letter dated: 06/13/2009

hola familia
I made it to the DR last night at like 12 o clock and im doing good its so so so so cool being in another country for the mtc there is only 26 missionaries here so its kinda crazy and we are all the same time so yeah its pretty cool ill tell ya all about it on thursday (thats our p-day) o and i was going to tell you that dear elder works here to if anyone was wondering so yeah you can let everyone know about that as well but yeah the DR is was cool and im way excited that i got the chance to go here instead of staying in provo but yeah i got to go but i hope you guys are having fun and ill talk to you thursday
love you guys
elder ward

PS i dont speak spanish and everyone but the missionaries do and its kinda crazy haha ive heard like 3 english words all day haha but yeah its crazy ill ttyl later though have a great day

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