Thursday, June 25, 2009

Week #6 06/25/2009 (DR CCM)

Letter dated: June 25, 2009

Hola Familia
ok so I was just writing a bit and my computer got messed up on accident so I hope I don’t forget anything it was kinda funny haha but anyways so the food here is still the exact same it never changes haha its rice with beans some kind of chicken and then either beef or pork and then we have pineapple and papaya on the side (dad would be amazed at how much fruit I eat I think it’s because I’m like craving sweets and there is no way to buy and here) but yeah we have that every day except Thursday (p-day) they through it all in a bowl and add some bananas and more water and all the bones from the meat and call it soup haha I think it’s good but I like the other stuff a lot better sister Hendricks always teases me because I tell her I miss the beans and rice whenever we eat it and she just says you’ll love your mission then haha but yeah I think the main reason I like it a little bit more is because you don’t have to worry about all the bones that you accidentally chop down on when you eat the soup. but anyways yeah the time change is about 2 hours but it’s ok I got a lot more tired here than I did at Provo but I think I’m on track and the little bit of a time change through me off a bit but yeah we are doing pretty good now I think. It’s going to be really fun for Ang to get all the kids back on track haha GOOD LUCK ANG! but anyways it sounds like everyone’s having fun working on the little house it sounds like a lot of hard work but yeah I’m sure it looks great. You guys said its hot there but come here and I bet you’ll think its nothing haha jk mtn. home is a dry burning heat here it’s like step outside and you just start dripping sweat when we do service or have gym or go contacting I’m just dripping it like everywhere (that’s one thing I’m not looking forward to in the mission haha) but yeah it’s pretty crazy hot when you go outside. so Bobby Smith is here he is actually in my district so yeah I told him like three times about elder tanner but I kept forgetting to write you about it but yeah he’s here so you can tell elder tanner that. he’s a way cool kid me and him played some football yesterday two on two in the parking lot and we pretty much dominated ahha jk but he is really cool but anyways district leader isn’t to much here all you have to do is go to some meetings and you just assign people do do stuff and you have to conduct meetings and stuff it’s not that big of a deal you just do some extra stuff everyday but yeah Elder crawly is another kid in my district and he is from Orem he’s way cool and just a funny kid. right now there is 5 sister 4 of which are going to Puerto Rico and are American and then one sister that is going to Haiti and she is Haitian obviously cuz they don’t send any other missionaries there but yeah anyways. the singing was horrible last week actually for the next meeting I decided I would just have all the elders sing it was funny because there was like maybe 7 people left sitting that we sang for and then the speaker Elder Johnson who is president of the Caribbean area missions made fun of us haha but yeah it was bad. the Spanish is going ok I just pretend like I know how to speak it but I don’t think I do haha the people in the DR speak that fastest Spanish you’ve ever heard so it’s really hard to understand the whole sentence especially when they use words other than church vocab haha but I’m learning when I talk to them I always say sorry my Spanish is so bad and they says it’s really good but I think they are just being nice and have no idea what I’m saying haha. but I love speaking with people I say hi to everyone on the streets and when we are doing service its kinda funny some people just ignore me but it’s cool I just like talking to people but I really really really really wish that I could just speak fluent haha cuz it takes me an hour to spit something out :) but yeah we go to the university on Tuesdays and teach and we are doing pretty good there we gave a lady a book of Mormon this week and told her to read 3 nefi 11 and that was cool we talk to her for like 30 minutes and then a guy for like 30 minutes and they went really good so that was fun but no we don’t ever hear from them again so hopefully good things happen. but yeah we go to the temple every p-day and its really cool they do it all in English for us though and the few other people that are there that speak other languages get head phones and then they have people that speak all sorts of different languages so it’s cool. and yeah it’s definitely not white it’s like a red pink and brown and its all mixed haha. so the flu thing here isn’t a big deal no one has it and they really didn’t even say much about not touching each other so it hasn’t been any kind of problem but who knows what will happen when the Latin missionaries get here that might all change. the ccm has a ton of rooms but the middle two floors are for couple missionaries and people traveling to go to the temple and then the bottom floor is just the cafeteria and stuff but the new missionaries that come next week will be in rooms with us and they are building two new class rooms that were supposed to be done but they are nowhere close so I think we’ll have to figure something else different to do when they get here but o well it will work out but we leave to Puerto Rico on the 21st of July so less than a month isn’t that crazy I’m so excited to go :). but anyways I need you to send me Tyson Sessions mailing address in the next email please cuz I have a letter to send him and idk what the rules on the emailing other missionaries cuz at Provo they said we could and then I heard we can’t so idk so I’ll just have to see but yeah send me his address please. but yeah life is going great and I’m having fun sorry this email is a little crazy we don’t have much time so I just write when I think of something but yeah I’m really craving candy like crazy someone gave me a mike and ike (which are like my favorite I’m sure you know) but it was like a little capsule of heaven it tasted so good I want to go to the store but they haven’t taken us yet but they did say they will this next week sometime so hopefully maybe next p-day :) but yeah so I think the coolest part about this mtc is just getting out p-day we get to do service so usually we go to the park and pick up nasty trash and its way way way hot and I get all nasty but I love it cuz I get to talk to people and they usually just look at me like I’m a crazy and ask me why the heck I’m picking up all the trash but its way cool most of them think its way cool that we want to make their city look nice so they are nice to us but yeah its way fun and then on Tuesdays we go to the university like I told you and sometimes they like try and avoid us but I don’t let that happen too often ;) I usually don’t let them get away haha but yeah when we talk to them they are way nice but I feel bad cuz I like never understand what they are saying so I just look at them blankly sometimes when they tell me something and then they just laugh so yeah I need to work on my hearing what they say skills a little but I sure can tell them a lot about the church so that’s good but yeah anyways I better get going but I love you guys and I hope all is good back home and ill talk to you next week

Elder Ward

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