Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Week #3 06/10/2009 (Provo MTC)

Letter Dated: 06/10/2009

OK to reply to everyones questions i am still Alive the sickness has not hit me or my campion yet but there are people dropping around us like flys its crazy that first week it got a little nuts but i think its going to slow down now but its really kinda crazy ill tell you about some things they have changed at the mtc to cut down on the sickness. First as you all know they stopped letting parents and family into the mtc and it is now curb side drop off its pretty crazy and they say that is a permenant change for the mtc from now on so i think its kinda cool we were the second to last group to ever do it the normal way. Next they have now gotten rid of all the silverware and and cups and plates everything we eat with is now disposible its kinda lame cuz i always break my forks and i hate it. they have also banned all contact sports because we are not aloud to touch eachother so that means no b-ball soccer or baseball because you share gloves but they havent got rid of 4 square left so we are all good :) and then lastly everywhere you walk no matter where you are you can see a hand sanitizer on the wall its pretty funny but but yeah so that first week was crazy but its slowing down now we had one in quarentee for a week but hes out now and then we had a couple that had to stay in there rooms for like 2 days i always ask them "is it the swine flue or the i need a nap flue" and then they get out the next day haha jk but i do ask them and its really funny haha but yeah anways so about the other stuff i have yet to get my sweet rolls so i dont know about that but i think i get them today because i got some package slips i just havent picked them up yet also the translator is great i just hated thumbing through that dang dictionary so this is nice but yeah so i need to tell you TODAY I AM GOING TO CALL HOME AT 4 so dont be gone because im supposed to call and let you know about my flight plans i leave thursday morning at 3 so that will be crazy but yeah im so excited to go i talked to a lady about the DR cuz she went to the mtc there and she said it was amazing she said its all one building and your classes and rooms and everythign are all on the same flour and that there is only like 50 missionaries there at a time so that should be fun and we get to go out contacting in spanish so thats going to be way fun and funning at the same time because we dont know spanish o wich riminds me about singing in spanish this is so funny i couldnt stop laughing cuz it was so funny and then i had to read it to everyone but you said that dad thinks we sing "secreta oracion" (secret prayer) but the funniest thing about that is the first day me teacher asked me what song we wanted to sing and i opened my book and the book mark was on page 80 (secreta oracion) but the best part about that is its suck a fun song to sing i make us sing it every day at least once and its like our district song now so thats why its son funny but yeah i couldnt stop laughing another good one is 88 i dont remember the name but we sing that one a lot too because its only in spanish it doesnt exist in the english book and its a good one so we sign it a tone but yeah so i was thinking about a scripture and i have to really good ones Alma 26: 12 and Alma 29: 9 so you read them and tell me what you like best but im thinking Alma 29:9 sorry it took me so long to write and tell you though i kept forgetting haha but yeah so look at those o i took so more good pictures so hopefully i can get them sent today so that i dont have to send them from the DR but yeah so look for those o and i almost forgot so adam and chris come in on the 10th maybe ill be a curb side helper so that would be cool but if not i have that dinner to find them so hopefully i can cuz that would be way fun and ive seen some people that i kinda met at school but no one i really knew to well except Been Wheeler from mountain home him and a kid from school are companions and i see them all the time which is kinda cool but yeah so anyways other than that i havent see anyone but hopefully i get to see adam and chris cuz that would be way cool. but yeah it sounds like homes been fun and kinda crazy at the same time the rain hasnt gotten that bad at all here but yeah i guess ill be getting plenty of rain in a few months but if jason is getting after dad to get the boat out now i could see it maybe happing about mid july hahaha jk hopefully you guys get to go a lot this year and you could even use your brand new cabin so that will be fun im expecting it to be all finished and done for when i get back so tell brad and dad to get to work. well im about to run out of time so i better get going but ill talk to you on the phone around 4 so dont forget but i only get like 5 minutes but yeah so ill talk to you then i hope you guys are doing good and having fun
I love ya
Elder Ward

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