Wednesday, January 20, 2010

01/20/2010 (Ponce)


Hola Familia
ok so sorry its been a little while again we've just been really busy and there has been some holidays again and yeah kinda crazy but now its p-day haha

Sounds like everyone is doing good up there and that Eric is enjoying wrestling and everything. I got my shoes and my bag so thats good. the shoes are a little stiff :( but im wearing them on p-day to try and break them in a bit :) but yeah elder pliler told me that his mom talked to you on that thing too it was kinda funny he's still in our district. it's me my comp, elder wilson, and elder pliler and elder lamb. so yeah we have a little district again. it's kinda crazy!

that's awesome Chris (Vogl) is getting married. make sure you tell him that i said congrats and keep up the good work :)

so about my Gator what happened? how come he has to get rid of him? i say eric takes him. i still haven't seen a picture of him haha but i hear he's pretty big but i dont want him to get sent away i want him to be a 3 foot whopper when i get back :)

but thats so crazy that everyone is coming home. i don't like it -- it's nuts when you get out on your mission time just goes too fast. it's weird!!! WOW! i just like to pretend that its still my first transfer haha

but anyways yeah here they have water and we can drink it and all that stuff really the only sickness that i hear of is dangay which is a sickness that you get from the mosquitos and it really messes ya up for a while. but yeah not too many people have gotten it but yeah ive never been sick. I'm pretty sure my stomach is a rock now ever since i got the bug in Ecuador because i was like the only one that didn't get sick in the ccm either so yeah kinda crazy but my comp had some stomach problems all last week and we had to make a couple pit stops every day if you know what i mean haha! But i just told him we could get out and work really hard and then he would sweat it all out :)

But yeah everything is going good! me and elder wilson are working really hard and having some good success. we have found some really cool investigators and we are working whith them. one guy Hiram he wants to get baptized but he can't go to church yet because he takes care of his cuyado every weekend and then we have another guy Felix el gato Redondo (he was a pro boxer but now he's 80 years old). He's awesome and a great guy except he doesn't believe in the God in the bible he believes in a God of nature or not even really a God just nature but yeah its kinda crazy. It's been really good and he is progressing well and starting to understand a little bit better and really those are the best ones but we also found this lady from Germany and she is way cool she speaks German, Spanish and English so we are just starting to teach her and I'm really excited about it so tell kyle to tell me some German words so i can talk to her :) but yeah everything is going good and I'm having fun and the MISSION ROCKS!

love you guys!
elder ward

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