Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week # 01/12/2010 (Ponce) 4th Transfer

4th Transfer
New companion: Elder Cody Wilson from Ogden Utah
Area: Ponce

Address directly to his apartment:

Elder Matthew Ward
Calle 3 Casa # C-21 Altos
Jardines de Fagot
Ponce, PR 00716-4017
Puerto Rico

January 12, 2010

ok so sorry its been so long but I promise I can explain so what happened was that on Monday we ended up having to do our transfers and we had to drive to Bayamon and then we got lost and ended up clear over in the other mission on the other side of the island then we bought a map and made it haha it was kinda a little adventure but yeah pretty funny but then when we got back the library was closed for some reason I have no idea why but yeah it was all closed up so we didn’t get to email and then yesterday we went and it was a holiday so it was closed but yeah so we called president and got permission to email really quick today but yeah I kinda got to hurry cuz we have citas but
yeah anyways life is great and we are doing good! Celeste GOT BAPTIZED! That was way amazing it was kinda funny though because he had to try and do it 4 times and he had to repeat the words three times it was kinda crazy! She’s old so I can understand but yeah so finally after a long experience she got baptized and she was so happy she just kept saying how young and clean she felt it was pretty cool but anyways that was awesome my new companion his name is elder Cody Wilson and he is from Ogden Utah He is in the same group as my trainer Elder Kolar and my second comp Elder Maxwell. I’ve had a bunch from their group but yeah so anyways he is awesome and we are doing great its so so so so so so AWESOME when you have someone that is just as excited about working and getting out and working as hard as you are because its just fun and WOW I love it! We are working so so hard and having fun at the same time its amazing and we have found some awesome people :)Samuel the limber man is doing great and is reading the Book of Mormon and I’m pretty sure he will go to church next week. We found a guy and we taught him a first lesson and we asked him what the true church was and he’s the first person I’ve ever met that said it was our church on the first lesson. That was pretty crazy he told us he’s been trying to get a hold of a Book of Mormon for years and that he has gone to church a couple times so I don’t know what people were doing when he went the other times but yeah kinda crazy so we just taught him like an hour ago and he wants to get baptized so we are pretty excited about that the only problem is that he goes to Orlando every weekend to take care of his cunyado who is like completely handicap so yeah some how we have to figure out how we are going to get him to church but he says they are going to move his cunyado in the near future here to Puerto Rico :) so yeah those are some really cool people we have been teaching and we are doing great. I have gotten the shoes or the backpack yet but I’m sure I will get them soon I bet they’re in the mission home and the next person that comes down to Ponce will bring them :)o yeah and last but not least ELDER BEDNAR IS COMING TO TALK TO US!!!!!! I’m so excited he will be here on the 23 but yeah I’m way excited pretty crazy!!
Sounds like Jason is doing great and he has some cool buddies at the mtc! That’s so awesome – he’s going to love it! I’m so excited he is out I’m going to have to write him a letter soon! Well I love you guys and I will talk to you next week!
Elder Ward (Matthew)

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