Monday, December 28, 2009

Week # 12/28/2009 (Ponce)

December 28, 2009

hey guys
I have no idea what the heck you were talking about on this email haha but I’m doing good! Today is just another p-day like always so yeah call days don’t change anything they are just normal work days and you get to call home but yeah I’m doing good and we are preparing for our baptisim. Also this Saturday was kinda cool! I got to give my first blessing in Spanish. Usually I’ve just annointed on my mission but Saturday I gave the blessing and the lady was just coughing and going crazy but yeah I was like dang she’s never going to want me to give her a blessing again haha but then the next day she walked up to me at church and she said that she was so thankful for her blessing and everything and that I gave her the blessing and that she coughed whatever she had out and that now she is healthy and doing great! it was kinda funny but yeah so i was kinda expecting to hear how all the partying was going over there at grannys and how everything went haha but i guess I’ll have to wait till next week but yeah i hope everyone is doing good and tell everyone that I said hi
O and who was the lucky bugger to get all the underwear?

love you guys
elder ward

(We sent Matthew a VERY short email by phone internet while we were over in Rexburg cuz there wasn't any internet to use! I guess he wasn't too impressed!)

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