Monday, December 7, 2009

Week # 12/07/2009 (Ponce)

December 7, 2009


first off mother I figure I better let you know that of course I can teach a whole lesson in Spanish I’ve been a missionary for over 6 months and I think if I couldn’t teach a lesson by now I would consider myself a failure haha. no the Spanish is coming a long good I can say pretty much anything I want to say -- sometimes it just takes me a second to figure out how to say it but when it comes to teaching or the gospel stuff I can pretty much say it no problem. but it sounds like its getting cold …here I’m dieing right now in the heat haha jk its not too hot but it is a little :)that’s awesome Jason is going through the temple right now WAHOO!! That would have been cool to be there for that but o well you guys can just pretend that I was there haha I MISS THE TEMPLE! :( tell Jason that he better go as many times as he can before he leaves because once your on your mission and you can’t go anymore you really start to miss it haha o and about Jason getting his stuff I have a couple suggestions 1st off make sure you don’t buy docmartins like mine haha (which reminds me did you get my email last week and check on that web site to see if they have those hush puppies? because I wear my black shoes everyday cuz I can’t stand my docs they just fry my feet off so I kinda need some brown shoes really bad so yeah will you check for me :)) and also tell him to get a tiny itsy bitsy backpack haha I love my back pack but at times its a bit big and I just want a tiny one so I was going to ask you if you could also get on the internet and see how much a Dakine Drafter backpack is its like a little camel pack but yeah its the perfect size so yeah if you could check both those things for me that would be amazing :) so it sounds like you guys had a fun little Christmas party (I think he is talking about the Creche Exhibit cuz I didn’t tell him about any party!) haha we had a good one too we went to the plaza in Ponce and we had all the missionaries in the zone there and the city of Ponce had a huge like religion party in the plaza so like every religion came and each one had a church leader (ours was the stake pres.) and then we all had like a little booth and we just went around teaching people about the church and singing hymns and stuff it was really awesome and kinda crazy. right when we got there this crazy guy with a big microphone like ran up and was yelling at us and telling us that we were del diablo haha it was kinda funny but that was really our only run in all the rest of the people of the other religions were really nice :)but yeah life is going great! Today I went and printed off some pictures for ya and I’ll try and see if I can find a nativity but idk I haven’t seen one yet :) but yeah also my companion wanted to make some Christmas cards so we did that and we will try and send them out to everyone but I think I’m just going to send them to you and then you can mail them to all our family cuz I don’t have the addresses of everyone :) well anyways I guess that’s about all for this week we are doing great and finding lots of people we don’t have anyone really progressing yet but I’m hoping for some good stuff this week but yeah everything is going great and I love you guys and I’ll talk to you next week love ya elder wardps don’t forget to check that stuff on the internet pretty please and my shoe size is 11 in dress shoes :)

Bummer but yeah you can send those to my apartment but yeah just make sure they are durable light brown shoes I really liked those hush puppy ones cuz they weren’t water proof or anything so yeah I figured they would be cool and also on that back pack just make sure its a dark color if they have a really dark blue that would be cool but yeah just any dark color is fine and yeah thanks mom your the best o yeah also you can check eco shoes too if you cant find those ones they make good ones but yeah thank you and one more thing what’s your guys plan for Christmas will you be in Rexburg? Its coming up quick and I’ll be calling home kinda crazy hu? But yeah I’ll talk to you next week thanks
elder ward
love ya

Letter to dad:

haha man sounds like the duck hunting is going good this year. where did you guys go? just below the dam or below the boat dock? or up in hamett? but yeah everything here is going great and the Spanish is going good i still have to think about it a lot of the time but it definitely comes fast its kinda crazy. but yeah i love the Ponce area and we are doing good we are a ways away from the mission home still its actually just below Adjuntas so distance wise its farther away but yeah also something thats kinda cool that I forgot to write in the other letter is that our district got two more elders that were in another area but they moved them to Ponce so right now the city of Ponce has 8 missionaries. so when they did that they split us so I’m in a district with just me and my companion and then two other missionaries its pretty cool though cuz its the missionaries that live right next to us so we see each other a lot but yeah I’m loving it here and a lot of good things are happening. We still don’t have any amazing investigators yet but we are making that better. when I started in this area we didn’t have a single investigatore because my companion and his companion had to stay in the house for the last three weeks of last transfer because my companion crashed on his bike really bad and it messed him all up but we are starting to get more investigatores and we are doing good but yeah I love the mission it’s amazing you learn way more as a missionary than you could ever learn anywhere else I think but yeah the time just flies by and you don’t even know where it goes I swear the weeks seem like days its pretty crazy but I’m so excited to get Jason out I cant wait for him to get out and in the field its kinda crazy because its at the end of this transfer when he goes into the mtc. It is the same day this transfer ends! Everything is going great and I’ll talk to you guys next week
love ya pops
elder ward

PS: Tell Charles he better quit killin all the hens because I want there to be some ducks when I get back

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