Monday, November 30, 2009

Week # 11/30/2009 (Ponce Area 2)

Email dated: November 30, 2009

haha I had a great dia de accion de gracias haha it was the day after transfers so yeah I didn’t know what to expect but we actually ended up going to a really cool guys house that’s only been a member for about 6 months and he’s the only member his wife and 4 kids aren’t members so we really want to work with them but yeah it was good. We had turkey rice and beans and pasteles (they are like these little things that they started feeding us around here at the end of October and I guess they cook them all the way through January too. I guess its a festive food but its made from platanos or guineos or whatever they decide to use and its just like all mashed up and they put meat and all sorts of stuff in the middle of it and then wrap it in a leaf and tie it up and boil it. Its like a puertoriqueno tamali but yeah I like them :) ) also this family had a little bit of American food like appetizer things it was breaded shrimp and then like these little codeanblue (idk how to spell that I’m not French) balls and like fried taco things haha (I don’t know how to describe all this stuff) but yeah it was good and we just stayed there with his family for a bit and played some dominoes for a little bit and then went out and went finding -- tocing doors and visited some other members it was good.So that’s a bummer that Kyle and Tanner aren’t going anymore I thought for sure that they would both smarten up and get goin I was all excited dangit o well I guess maybe while Jason is out they will realize what they are missing and get in gear haha Anyways it sounds like you all had fun and that it was a good thanksgiving. Did you get any killer good sales? My companion wanted to get up early and head to the store to see if we could get some Black Friday sales but I had to inform him that we probably shouldn’t do that. haha he’s a funny guy! But yeah I love Ponce so far. Its a really big city I already knew a ton about it cuz I was always here already and I went on a trade off in the area that I’m in now but yeah its good there are 6 missionaries in the city of Ponce which is cool so sometimes we’ll be riding on our side of the street in our area and they’ll be riding on the side in their area and we will see them haha and one of the companionships actually live in our area in another apartment complex so we see them sometimes too but yeah the thing I love about Ponce is that there are so many people haha ITS GREAT! in Adjuntas there wasn’t as many people so it was hard to talk to a ton of people. so now there is like a ton of people everywhere and when there’s more people, you talk to more and when you talk to more, you can teach more, and when you teach more you baptize more so yeah our agenda for this week is already chuck full of citas so I’m way excited. We found a guy my first day here and we’ve taught him two lessons and he’s way cool and doing good so I’m excited about him too but he’s going in for a knee operation so we can’t see him till Saturday. but yeah Ponce is great and so far from what I can tell it should be an area with a lot of people getting baptized but the missionaries that have been here for the last while were a bit bagga haha but don’t worry we are changing all that around :)My companion Elder Stanley is great! He’s from Las Vegas and he’s a good guy. he only has 4 months left in the mission and so I think he’s getting a little excited to get home but I keep him working pretty hard :) he’s also hyper glysimic and so he has to eat every now and then so that’s kinda been weird for me because I usually like to just eat a giant lunch and then just work the whole day but yeah I kinda felt bad cuz we did that two days ago and then he got really nauseous and sick so now we just like stop at burger king and get him a milk shake or something but yeah I love him he’s a great guy and he’s working hard and we are going to see some good stuff happen this transfer I KNOW IT!!So anyways I don’t even want to think that it’s almost Christmas! That’s so crazy! Its going by way too fast WAY WAY too fast!!! But yeah I actually decided something that you can get me. I would really like if you could get on the internet and go to that Hush Puppy site and see if they have those brown shoes still on sale because I mean my doc martins are good I just think my feet are going to melt away cuz they are so so so hot here! In Ponce its like 10 degrees hotter than Adjuntas and yeah my feet don’t handle the heat in the doc martins and they are my only brown shoes so yeah if you could look on there and see if they have them and send me those that would be great they are the ones that are just plain leather and like a light brownish color and they aren’t water proof or nothin but other than that I think I’m good with everything I actually might try and send some stuff back again like my doc martins if you can get those other shoes sent :)but yeah sounds like everything is going great up there in Idaho! Thanks for the email and everything and I’ll talk to you guys next week.
elder ward

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