Monday, November 23, 2009

Week # 11/23/2009 Going to Ponce! (4th Transfer)

Email dated: November 23, 2009

4th Transfer
Ponce 2 Area
New Companion: Elder Stanley from Las Vegas, Nevada

I’M LEAVIN! :( :) had to put a double smile because I’m happy to go to a new area and talk to new people but I’m also sad to leave my little Branch up here in the mountains they are awesome. Our mission is going through all these changes so now what we are doing and I’m pretty sure all the missions in the world are doing is that we don’t have transfer meeting and we have zone conference every month now. I guess they want to focus on doing missionary work by the month now or something but yeah so I know where I’m going and who my companion is already. My comps name is Elder Stanley from Las Vegas he’s a pretty funny kid I went on a trade off with him for a day my second transfer. We are going to be in the Ponce 2 area haha kinda funny cuz that’s still in my district and I’ve gone there at least once a week so far on my mission haha so it’s like I’m right next door kinda funny but yeah Ponce is like one of the bigger cities in Puerto Rico so I’m going from one of the small ones to one of the biggest haha but yeah it should be good except it’s usually like 10 degrees hotter down there which isn’t cool. I leave Wednesday morning -- I don’t know what my address is but you can just send stuff to the office and it will get to me just fine. Oh and if I go to the islands ever you just send letters to the office and then President takes them over when he flies over like twice a transfer but yeah you just can’t send packages when your in the islands!
So to answer dad’s questions if we can watch movies the answer is YES! you know all those movies that the missionaries hand out (like cordero de dios, como hallar fe en Cristo, Familias puede ser eterna, etc..) haha yeah those are the only movies we can watch :)
But anyways that does sound like a good movie haha (We went to the movie “The Blind Side” and I told Matthew a bit about it! Very GOOD movie!!) I would like to see it so yeah you can just buy it and save it for me. I love football movies! but yeah tell Jason he better get crackin and get to the temple and get all his stuff ready and tell him that I said a lot of days those mesh garments don’t sound too bad haha
We had Thanksgiving planned with an awesome family here in the branch that I just love. they have a bunch of kids and they’ve been members for about 30 years or so they were one of the first people to get baptized in Adjuntas but yeah they are awesome and have a bunch of returned missionary kids and then 3 foster kids that are ages 12-14 but the problem is I get transferred the day before so I don’t know what I will be doing Thanksgiving. I would imagine it will just be a good day of missionary work cuz a lot of families will be home and then we will probably have a dinner at a members house in Ponce.
But anyways I think I answered all the questions haha but yeah life is going good we just gave out a baptismal invite yesterday and the guy accepted his name is Nestor and he’s a really nice guy that we met at the beginning of the transfer. He was living with a girl and a bunch of kids but they got in a fight and she left or something and his house on his farm burned down a couple months ago and he didn’t have insurance so the Lord is doing a good job of humbling him so yeah he wants to get baptized but he still has a lot of work to go. Other than that we don’t have any really strong investigators but we will find them I have one more day left to get them haha :)
Well I better get going o and I ended up getting everything in the mail like a couple days ago so yeah I have my card and everything and tell Jason I’m going to write him a letter today.
I love you guys and have fun in Utah
elder ward

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