Monday, November 9, 2009

Week # 11/09/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: November 9, 2009

Madre su espanol es excelente so anyways to start out that’s pretty cool that you guys had your primary program cuz we had ours too haha well actually we had stake conference so because the wards are really small they do a combined primary program right before conference starts but yeah it was really cool and reminded me of the funny kids. This one little girl did not want to say her talk at all it was funny. They also sang familias pueden ser eternas tambien haha :)ok so what are you doing with a bunch of pieces of wood your sanding? 800 is a lot haha but it sounds like everything is just about the same back home haha. (Super Saturday) They don’t have any pawn shops here :( well at least I haven’t seen one haha and they don’t have any guns really either because there is nothing to hunt so the only guys I ever see are the ones that the police have and I always ask them what it is (even thought I can usually tell before hand haha) but yeah it’s a good way to start a conversation except now I know all the policemen in town I think and haven’t got one teaching appointment with any of them :( but yeah talking about the police reminds me when me and my companion lost the keys to the car and went to the police station to see if they could unlock our door and they just handed me a slim jim and said bring it back haha man that’s funny :) I think I told you that story though at least I hope so hahaSo that is way crazy about Chris (Chris Hipwell is on a mission in SLC) and his parents going there all the time man that would be weird but I’m not going to lie sometimes I get jealous of those Idaho Utah missionaries that have giant Stakes of people that would love to help the missionaries haha ;) At least that’s how I picture it and it all makes sense to me now why they have so many baptisms! But wow that’s so weird that Kyle is coming home kinda crazy hu? Man I can’t believe it he’s going to be an RM he’s going to BYU right? man that’s weird but something kinda cool that I just realized that he will only have a semester more of school than me when I get back so we will be about the same :)So that scripture sounds like a pretty good one of Jason’s. (Jason’s scripture for his Missionary Plaque is … Alma 26:12) That was one of the two I sent you remember? But something really cool about all that is that his scripture if you read the story of the sons of Mosiah and Alma the Younger well the sons of Mosiah and Alma all convert and the sons of Mosiah are all supposed to be kings but they decide to leave and go on missions instead and Alma does the same thing but the sons of Mosiah take off to go teach the lamenites and Alma stays to do his mission -- well Jason's scripture is Ammon after he had all the success with his brothers and my scripture is Alma (Matt’s scripture for his Missionary Plaque is … Alma 29:9) but I just think it’s cool because they were like best buddies who left out on their missions to different places but they just really have the same look on things. haha but yeah read the stories I LOVE IT :)but anyways now to the good stuff so everything is going really good and we are starting to get investigatores and we’ve been teaching a lot more now :). the family is doing good we had a lesson with them yesterday and the branch pres and his wife came with us so that was good (they are both returned missionaries and are like 27 years old so yeah they had preach my gospel on their missions too so they can teach great and know the language haha) but yeah then we also have another returned missionary that is 22 and he is the second counselor and he has been helping us on the weekends and he’s way awesome too but yeah we are teaching and finding and everything is going good we haven’t got anyone to church yet but we will :)anyways I’m like out of time though I’m talking too much ahha but I better get going I hope everything is going great and you get Jason’s stuff done on time haha I’m doing good and I don’t really need anything for Christmas -- tell dad I heard about Jason’s Christmas present and wouldn’t mind one of those waiting at home for me haha (I guess I better find out what this present is … I don’t even know!!!)
love you guys
elder ward

(This is a portion of Andrea’s email from Matthew)
Yesterday I got ribs for the first time of my whole mission it was the best we went and visited a member and they were about to eat so she is like come eat with us and she pulled out ribs I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!But anyways so for Christmas I don’t really need anything. You can just send me a batch of cookies and then I can lug them around in my giant belly instead haha but yeah I don’t really need anything :)You can tell Kennady that we will have to go on a special trip to Puerto Rico some time because I know she wants to go so bad :)
But anyways I hope everything is going good with you guys and tell everyone hi for me thank you so much for the email and everything ill talk to you later
love you guys elder ward

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