Monday, November 16, 2009

Week # 11/16/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: November 16, 2009

haha you crack me up but good work on the missionary work now you just have to get her to come to the good part CHURCH haha but it sounds like your doing good haha. So you and kelli went to the temple? When is Jason going to go through? I don’t know how hot it is in the Philippines but tell him that I kinda wished I would have tried some mesh garments out sometimes haha and don’t let dad see this email cuz honestly I like the crew neck ones better too haha even though I told dad I wouldn’t it’s just so much better with a collared shirt haha I definitely like the other ones better when I’m wearing a t-shirt but with the collared shirt I like celestial smile all the way haha (you might have to delete some of that when you send this email out haha idk :)) but that’s cool that you had the temple pres. and stuff come down that’s awesome its crazy cuz sometimes I wish I was in a states mission cuz I miss going to the temple I love it and also I miss all the big wards and stakes haha don’t get me wrong I love it here but its just a giant sized blessing to have a temple and a big ward and everything :) but anyways everything here is going great we haven’t really found anyone for a while either we are spending about all day everyday tocing doors and looking for people to teach we just haven’t had that much success but we are working hard and we will find someone :) but yeah o so I got a funny story I’ll tell ya about so Friday (which happened to be Friday the 13th) was just a funny day so it starts out that we forgot to turn our phone ringing on which is our alarm clock and usually we wake up at 6:20 but the phone didn’t go off so we woke up at like 6:35 and sinned right off the bat and then we did all our studies and all that good stuff which went good but we went out to teach and in the first 30 minutes of the day all 5 of our citas fell that we had planned idk how we even contacted them all in that time but it just so happened like that and they all said they would be gone and we couldn’t teach them so then we went tocing and it was a way hot one Friday and then mid contact I was talking to this guy and all of a sudden a big giant bee stings me right on the tip of the figure and man it hurt but I was talking to this guy and man it was just a mess but really funny at the same time but yeah it cracked me up and I don’t want to complain in my email or anything but I just thought it was a funny Friday the 13 experience haha well I better go run and check dad’s email but I hope you guys are all doing good I have checked the mail yet so I don’t know if its here but I think it should bebut I love you guys and everything is going wonderful transfers end not this Wednesday but the next so yeah we’ll see what happens haha but yeah love ya and I’ll talk to you next week
elder ward

(Matthew’s email to his dad was quite hilarious this week so I just had to share it with all of you!)

WHAT?! Man I feel out of the loop I didn’t know they were selling wolf tags now I can’t believe that that is crazy but brad missed hu? That’s a bummer but where were you hunting? Man those crazy wolves -- sounds like there is way too many of them. so you and brad better get out there and shoot a couple haha but I was thinking if you get one you can skin him and tan him and make me a big old Indian hat with the tail hanging in the back and the face right on front and then all 4 legs hanging down hahaha it would probably be better to do that with a coyote but yeah. What did you end up doing with your bear and your elk? I think the best would be to rug the bear that’s what I’m going to do when I shoot one haha :) well everything is going good and it sounds like you having fun but I’ll talk to ya later
Love ya
elder ward

(Andrea’s email)

Puerto Rico es perfecto! :)

but anyways transfers are this next wednesday but i dont know if i will be going or not yet i will know this saturday if i stay or not but yeah if you want you can just send it to the mission home and it will get to me just fine :) but anyways that would be cool if kenna baught an airplane that sounds fun you should let her do it :) but they are dancing hu? i dont know how to do any of that dancing stuff but i did have a roommate in college that was catholic and a ball room dancer but he was pretty different haha but anyways yeah i dont really need anything for christmas for real missionaries just live out of a suit case and dont really have room for anything and ive got plenty of clothes and stuff so really im great but thanks but i still would like a big box of home made cookies or maybe some peanut butter bars man i havent had those for a while haha but yeah anyways everythign is going great hows the england life? i was just thinking do you guys know when you are going to leave england? and are you going to try and go somewhere crazy afterward? anyways ill talk to you next week ( i almost didnt get to talk to you this week but good thing i refreshed it before i left hu :))
well i got to go ttyl > > love you guys > > elder ward>

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