Monday, November 2, 2009

Week # 11/02/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: November 2, 2009


Life is great down here and I’m having fun! haha but no it did not really feel too much like Halloween haha but I’ll tell ya how it went. It was a pretty good day -- we woke up in the morning and did the normal thing and then while eating my cereal I decided that I had better pick a very exciting person to be for Halloween so I decided that I would be Captain Moroni so I was Captain Moroni but with a modern day twist like white shirt and tie kinda thing. Then after that about half way through the day I decided to switch and then I was Ammon. It was awesome! haha then we had a lot of lessons which was awesome and then we had to go home because we were called the night before and everyone had to be inside by 6 because things can get crazy on Halloween. haha but it’s weird here because people just like to have fun with Halloween but since I live in Adjuntas where there is a thousand churches everyone freaks out when you celebrate Halloween cuz they all think its the devils day its kinda weird I didn’t get to see but I guess every year all the younger generation dress up and do the normal Halloween thing except not trick or treating and they go to the plaza and just hang out. Anyways I guess at the same time all the pastors and stuff go to the plaza and like preach and tell people to go home and repent and that they are worshiping the devil. It’s a crazy place up here in Adjuntas haha.but other than that I think everything is about the same haha we found two new investigatores this week and I’m really excited about that. One of them said she wants to be baptized but we’ve only taught her one lesson. Then also that family that we found (Nestor and Brenda) they are doing good and we are really excited to teach them some more. We are supposed to have a noche de hogar with them tonight so that should be good!So about blessing the sacrament and stuff that’s cool Jason did it but here we never really do it. I had to pass one time because there was only one kid old enough to pass in church but yeah it’s always blessed by the old guys we do have one priest (the one we got the scriptures for) but he doesn’t ever really bless it. It’s always the elders.but anyways i did get your package and thank you so so so so so much it was awesome. I took that little pumpkin cup and I turned it into my pen holder so I’m pretty excited about that I would have eaten with the bowls and stuff but we were fasting so I couldn’t :( but I guess the next elders that get this apartment at Halloween they will have some Halloween fun haha. but yeah thanks for everything and life is going great
I love you guys and I’ll tty next week!

love ya
elder ward

hola papi
so we are teaching one family that is really good they arent that religious which is a good thing but it also means they dont understand a lot so yeah we are teaching them and then we have one younger girl thats married and she was really excited to learn and understood everything really good so yeah we are going to try and teach them right now and are really hoping things go good with them other than that we have a couple of other investigatores but no one really strong my companion loves the mountains cuz he hasnt seen any for a really really long time haha but i guess the islands are really cool so i guess it would be pretty cool to get shipped over there and i guess a lot of people speak spanish over there too so that will be good. It is way crazy that Reed and Kyle are coming home and that ive been out for almost 6 months its pretty nuts the whole mission time thing is crazy it seems like time just flys by its a lot faster out here on your mission than back home thats for sure yeah so is all the hunting over then? i forgot about duck hunting its kinda wierd it doesnt seem like its november haha its way to hot to be november hahaha nate sent me a letter and said he got busted man they got some bad luck it was last year when his dad got in trouble for not packing out his entire bear on the rafting trip haha well i hope he makes it ok but yeah that should be cool in rexburg are both the cabins done now? and have furniture and everything? well everything is going great here and im loving it its pretty crazy that jason will be getting shipped out in about two months now its gettin closer haha but yeah well ill talk to you guys next week
love ya
elder ward

haha pops is getting old hu? well man did Brad ever shoot anything? but yeah sounds like those two costumes really get used haha they were a good investment but i hope your doing good and having fun life here is going great the other day i saw like a giant iguana it was like 8 feet long i sware haha but yeah ill have to show you some pictures some time but keep up the good work are ya gettin good grades in school? and have you read the B of M yet?
love ya > > elder ward>

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