Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week # 10/25/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: October 25, 2009

Hola Familia
well thank you so very much for doing that mother I’m pretty excited but this transfer just started so don’t get to worried yet haha but yeah thank you so much for getting those he’s going to die when I give them to him it will be awesome but anyways I like the black better anyways so good choice :). (Matthew asked me to get him a set up scriptures for someone in the Ward he is in who is planning on going on a mission. Elder Wingman is the name I had inscribed. I think I need to find out a little more about this guy!!)

but anyway yeah he’s from Alpine (Elder Maxwell, Matt’s Companion) that’s what I meant to write but its Lone Peak high school so yeah sorry about that but yeah he’s from Alpine.ok so it sounds like Mtn. Home is growing like crazy its gonna be a whole nother place when I get back its kinda nuts and the whole mormon temple thing (the Stake Center … I hope he really doesn’t think it is a temple. I told him about someone in the Mtn. Home News thinking it was a Mormon Temple going up over by McDonalds.) Is pretty sweet but anyways you said Brother Waddoups was there that’s pretty cool I should send them a letter so if you get the chance do you want to send me their address? that would be great but anyways it sounds like the missionary work is going good down there haha but yeah we spend most of all day every day trying to find people and contact people its crazy because here in Puerto Rico you find all day long and you can set up like a bunch of citas and then the next day you go to them all and they all fall and no ones there so then you just have to go find and try and get new people to go and teach its kinda a bummer sometimes but o well we will find the ones that are waiting for us haha but yeah life is going great and we are having fun and working hard we are still trying to find a couple good investigators so that will be good but yeah also something kinda funny I’m starting to learn about some Papiamento (language) a little bit cuz my companion was in Aruba and Curacao for 6 months and everyone thinks I’m going there after this transfer its kinda funny because the islands made this thing now they don’t let us in there for very long at all so now like the longest people stay in the islands is 4 transfers so this transfer about 5 missionaries have to come back from there so yeah that’s why everyone thinks I’m a gonner but we’ll see :) I don’t know if I want to start from square one with another language again :( but yeah so when your with a comp that came from there your supposed to learn a bit so you can get a little head start before you get there but idk I guess we’ll see :)well I hope everything is going good with you guys and that life is great its sure great here haha

love you guys
elder ward

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