Monday, October 5, 2009

Week # 10/05/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: October 5, 2009

ok so life is going great and the mission is awesome but to start off this lovely email I’m going to have to ask you guys why you’re doing this to me? we haven’t got a big elk since that one I shot with the funky horns a couple years ago and then the first hunting season after I leave you send me this picture of a big old elk man! Your killing me! haha but no that really was cool looks like things went well but I’m expecting a detailed description of the hunt as well as a couple nice pictures haha.But wow I didn’t know Jason got hired by them that’s awesome but first things first I would have to agree with mom about staying in work because first off I don’t have any money right now so when I get back I’m going to be flat broke so I’ll have to work my butt off to get money for school but I have all summer to do it but Jason, on the other hand will get back in January and school starts right then so he won’t have time to work. You’ll just move straight to Rexburg and if you don’t have any money to take the ladies on dates with I don’t know what you’ll do hahahaha but yeah keep working right up till you leave is my advice.But the package did come THANK YOU! it was a great package I was tempted to keep all those laffy taffys for myself but elder kolar clearly pointed out that one of those bags were for him so I decided he had a right to them hahaha but really it was great and I liked the cds they are awesome thank you very very much and elder kolar is very thankful as well :) but about the Christmas cds just get them whenever you can Christmas here in Puerto Rico is pretty crazy and people get way excited for it. I haven’t heard any Christmas music yet because all I ever hear is regaton but yeah I guess Christmas time is crazy around here but the even bigger holiday than Christmas is "dia de los reyes" or the day that the celebrate the three kings but yeah so I’m really excited for Christmas it’s going to be really good. also if you can when you send those cds see if you can get some efy ones from somebody and my Joseph Smith cd in my box in my room that would be really cool but if not that’s fine too :)ok i really got to hurry cuz the library is all backed up and there are all these ladies just trying to get on a computer. but conference was amazing I loved it my favorite talk was ELDER HOLLAND that was amazing the most powerful testimony of the book of Mormon that I have ever heard it was amazing but yeah we watched it all at the church with all the members too hear. they all just go to the church and bring food and eat between the sessions and just like stay there all day its actually pretty cool. I watched it in English in the non air conditioned room haha :( IT WAS HOT! but definitely worth it. I loved it o and we did watch the priesthood session and it was great it was all about relationships of dads and their boys it was really good but yeah I got to go sorry but I’ll talk to you guys next week. Tell Jason to send me a letter or somethin haha ttyl

love ya
elder ward

Part of Andrea’s letter from Elder Ward – had some interesting info that I thought would be fun to share …
yeah I don’t think I got your email last week haha was it a good one? but yeah the videos are usually kinda hard to see cuz the computers are usually way slow over here and i dont have enought time to wait for them to load so yeah sorry about that i never even got to see jason open his call videobut the mission is going great I’m loving it we are having a ton of fun and its just great but the time is flying by way too fast it’s scary!!! can you believe that I have already finished 1/6th of my mission I don’t like to hear that it’s nuts and people that were here in the mission when I first arrived are going home like 6 of them this transfer and man it’s just weird. time goes buy way to fast out here its like crazy nuts but yeah its kinda sad because when i came in the mission had just over 100 missionaries and then within like a year it will be cut down to 46 can you believe that? its crazy crazy! so everyone is leaving and there won’t be a single new missionary till January it kinda stinks I’ll be the youngest missionary and I’ll have like 8 or 9 months its kinda weird but o well.We have a couple investigators right now not a whole ton we never really have a ton here in Puerto Rico I’m not gonna lie Puerto Rico is one of those hard working missions haha we have to go knock doors 2 hours a day everyday and then we have to contact 140 other people per week or 20 a day and then those are like our finding goals and here in Adjuntas we still only get like 1 or 2 investigators out of that every week its but I STILL LOVE IT!!!!but anyways about conference it was so so so so good you should get on the internet and watch it there was a ton of great stuff watch the talk by ELder Holland and you might just get blown off your seat. haha But you have to watch it -- don’t read it! You can watch them all on the internet right now :)well I better get going and ill talk to you next week
love ya
elder ward

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