Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week # 09/26/09 (Ovejas in the backyard!)

Email dated: September 26, 2009


As I’m sure everyone already knows life here is going great and I’M LOVING IT! So first off we don’t have really any progressing investigatores right now which is kinda a bummer we haven’t had any since our baptism but we are working hard to find people so I know it will pay off soon. In the town of Adjuntas it’s kinda crazy there is like a million and a half churches everywhere and half of them were created there in Adjuntas but they all have this mindset that you just go to the church that you live next to and it doesn’t matter what church you’re in just as long as you’re in one and you’re faithful to it. So it’s been kinda hard to convince people that there’s only one true church but yeah so that seems to be the biggest problem here but we are working hard and trying to get people to pray and ask if the church is true because we know that’s the only way they can find out and we know if they really ask they will get the right answer but yeah so that’s how the missionary work is going. also we had a baptisim yesterday kinda haha it was kinda funny cuz there is a family in the branch that got baptized like a year ago almost and so the mom and the two older kids got baptized but the dad still isn’t and the other kids were under 8 but yeah the mom and the two older girls are really strong members and are really cool but we always go over there and try and teach the dad but the last time we went over there the kids like I TURNED 8! I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED! he was way excited but him and his mom thaught that he had to talk to us to get baptized so we explained that since they are already members and he goes to church already and everything that all he has to do is talk to branch president and get his interview so he did that at mutual and then we had the baptisim this Sunday after church and even though it was a member baptisim the kid wanted the missionaries to do it so Elder Kolar baptized him it was pretty cool Elder Kolar has been out just over a year now and he’s had 6 baptisims including the last 2 with me but he had never baptized anyone himself so that was pretty cool it was kinda funny though cuz we try and really get the members involved and the members to do the convert baptisims just to strengthen the converts with the branch but the kid wanted Elder Kolar to do it so we did haha it was cool.So it sounds like the hunting season is going good. I mean I hear about all these Elk they have been seeing but I haven’t heard about any dead ones or seen any pictures yet so I don’t know what to think haha either someone’s a bad shot or telling hunting stories I’m not quite sure :) haha So Eric hurt his hip and went to Cliff huh? Does he still have that big old crazy picture of me in there? I still don’t know about that haha it kinda creeped me out a bit when I saw it it’s like life size haha but man that would be nice to go to Cliffs office right now haha I could use some adjustments :) I loved going there. tell Eric he should have asked him for some acupuncture to fix his little problem that would have been pretty funny hahabut yeah it sounds like everything is going good and everyone is doing well o and about the box I’m pretty sure you tell me you are sending it every week so I get all excited when I check the mail and then its not there haha it’s kinda funny I guess though :) but nope I cant really think of anything I need real bad I think I’m doing good. Elder Kolar said to have you send a bag of laffy taffy for him too haha so that would be nice if you could do that :) but yeah I’m doing good I still haven’t bought my bike yet cuz I haven’t needed to and they are expensive so I don’t want to haha I know it will hurt to watch money go into a bike haha but I guess I should just bite the bullet and do it kinda face the inevitable but yeah haha well i don’t have anything else to say but o yeah really quick I just remembered a story I want to tell you guys so the other day we were at some older members in our branch’s house and we were talking to them and stuff and the old lady was talking to me for a while and she was talking about these sheep (ovejas) behind her house and how they were everywhere and something about these guys coming to get them and stuff so I was really confused because I don’t think there are sheep in Puerto Rico so I was like man she talks crazy old people Spanish and talking about these crazy sheep that are flying around and stuff so then we started eating and I was telling Elder Kolar she was talking to me about some sheep behind her house and I had no idea what she was talking about and he was just laughing and didn’t think there were sheep in Puerto Rico either but anyways come to find out her and her husband started talking about it to us later and I guess the whole time she was saying "abejas" which is Spanish for bees. haha but yeah it was really funny I thought she was talking about crazy sheep behind her house but it was crazy bees so now we have a little joke we say "si habia ovejas volando y brincando en todos lados" have dad translate that for ya haha :) but yeah a funny little story for ya but I’ve got to go and I will talk to you guys next week.
love ya
elder ward

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