Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week # 09/08/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: 09/08/09

life is going good here on this wonderful tropical island! so yeah that’s always great haha but no really we are doing good I haven’t had any baptisms in my mission yet I’m pretty sure Puerto Rico is like the lowest baptizing Latin place ever haha but no its really great I think the problem a lot of times is the people need to be humbled because like no one works here and they just get money from the government and live pretty good lives so yeah a lot of people are a bit prideful and don’t like to give things up like drinking and smoking or going to church but yeah we find good people all the time and we are having the baptism on the 12th.so I think it’s kinda funny that you can’t read those letters it cracks me up but you’ll just enjoy it twice as much when dad gets home because you’ll just have all that excitement built up haha (Matthew sent a full 1 ½ page letter to us all written in Spanish and Robert was out of town when it arrived.) but I’m not sure what letter that you are talking about to Kyle because I haven’t sent him one. I remember writing one in the ccm a long time ago but I thought you already got that one so yeah I didn’t send one to Kyle did I? (Kyle Hall had actually written Matthew and so I told him I would be sending Kyle’s letter onto him.) I just remember sending one to Sami Jo and Jason but yeah so I’m a little lost about that. o yeah I was going to ask you when you send that package with the cds hopefully you haven’t sent it yet but could you get some motab Christmas music and burn some copies of it cuz we want to give it to one of our investigatores that has heard of them and so I told him I was going to try and get him some to listen to so yeah if you could do that that would be awesome.all this talk about going to the mountains makes me a little bit jealous I’m not going to lie haha I would love some nice cold weather camping trips haha but one day everyone was freaking out cuz they thought like a mini hurricane was coming to get us and we were out side knocking doors and everyone we went to was like you guys better get back home or else this storm is going to get you and it wont be good but yeah it was kinda funny because it got down to like 60 degrees and everyone was wearing like sweaters and stuff but yeah it was cool nothing happened it just got windy and overcast all day and then rained all night long like crazy and then the next morning it was back to being hot and humid haha ok so all this talk about peoples babies and all this crazy stuff makes me feel weird I’m not old enough to know all these people with babies haha but I’m glad everyone is doing good and you can tell them all congrats from me :) Elder Smith is not in my mission he is in the east side I’m not really sure the address but you can figure it out but yeah idk about that mail at the ccm it doesn’t work that great I’ve decided.So that’s pretty cool about all the football stuff man it seems weird that all the football stuff is going on right now and I don’t have anything to do with it haha it was funny at transfer meeting cuz my old mtc comp was talking to me about all the football stuff he was dieing haha but yeah I just think it’s kinda funny but yeah sounds like everyone back home is doing good and enjoying themselves. Here everything is amazing our branch is really cool, kinda small, but they are always there and really cool people. there is one kid that is 16 that always goes out and works with us and he’s awesome he’s gonna be an awesome missionary it’s crazy but yeah every once in a while my comp teaches the gospel doctrine class they don’t have me do that quite yet haha I don’t know Spanish near good enough but yeah everything’s going great o and one funny story that I just remembered so we had a wedding this week and that was pretty fun to get to go to but yeah the funniest thing ever was the guys little boy was the ring bearer and instead of wearing normal nice wedding clothes he was dressed like a knight and had a sword and everything it was the craziest funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! I thought for sure they were going to make him change but nope he was a knight! Pretty funny haha I’ll see if I can send a picture but yeah I better get going life is going good we are having success and trying to get more.
love you guys
elder ward

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