Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Week # 09/01/2009 (Adjuntas) 2nd Transfer

Email dated: September 1, 2009
2nd Transfer
Companion: Elder Kolar (?)

first things first if people spoke English here do you think I’d be too worried about the Spanish hahahaha jk there are actually a handful of people that speak it really well and a lot of people can understand English but are way too afraid to speak it so yeah we usually never talk to anyone in English It’s rare but there is quite a few and a ton of the members are really good at English because of missions and they all study it all 13 years of school but yeah so a lot of people can speak it but we always speak in Spanish.So anyways tomorrow will be the start of a new transfer which is 6 weeks so don’t get too excited I got a lot more of those to go haha but yeah I’M STAYING IN ADJUNTAS which is awesome I’m really excited about that cuz we still have our baptism on the 12 and I love it here in Adjuntas but yeah so I’ll be here for another 6 weeks :)
You asked in your letter that I got who those other elders were so I thought I better explain it so we have 8 elders in our district and we all live in different houses but the other 6 live in Ponce cuz it’s the big city here and we have to drive down to Ponce to do email every week on p-day. So the guys in the picture were Elder Knudsen and Elder Sykes. Elder Knudsen came in with me and he’s awesome. He’s from Sandy Utah and Elder Sykes is from Texas. Elder Knudsen got called this week and was supposed to get sent to the islands and we were really bummed about that cuz then we wouldn’t have gotten to see him for about 6 months probably but then they called and he is staying now so I’m really excited we usually do stuff with them every p-day so yeah I’m happy.
Ok so I’m really excited that everyone is going on missions its gonna be crazy I’m so excited especially Jason cuz my plan is I can write to him and he can give me pointers on how to be a better missionary so I’m excited about that and tell him that I’m sending a letter to him in the mail today. I just got his in an email from dad :) so yeah that’s awesome Kyle and maybe Tanner too so yeah I’m way excited. Oh and Sister Johns too -- man she’s an awesome lady we can learn so much from her what an awesome attitude and everything that’s so awesome (Sister Johns is an 85 year old Sister in our Ward who is going to serve for a year at the Family History Center in SLC). o and I was thinking you guys better send me a video or at least pictures of Jason opening his call ok... it was really cool today they called me and asked me if I know of anyone going to serve a mission anytime soon and I said yep sure do! It was cool to be able to say it :) but yeah they just gave us all a survey so yeah I feel like I better call them back and say Kyle’s going now too haha

Everything is going great here and we are having fun this last week was a little rough with finding people and contacting people we didn’t really have too much luck but then all of a sudden this Monday start of the week we had some really cool Milagros (miracles) haha like this one guy he is the coolest guy in the world but yeah we contacted him and he told us where his house is like 20 minutes in car so we get over there and we have no clue were it was at -- so we just started hiking up the mountain in the middle of the jungle dieing from heat and it was just a killer but we were yelling at a bunch of different houses and no one was answering it felt pointless but we kept going just winding up this giant mountain and then we yelled at this one house and no one answered so we were like ok lets just head back there’s no way it’s up here and then all of a sudden we see him driving up the mountain in his old beater car it was pretty cool but yeah so he’s an awesome guy. Only half of his body works cuz he got in an accident a while ago so he just hobbles around but he works hard and just lives in this really tiny house and he’s really poor but he’s just so happy and content with life. He’s awesome and a giant example for me but yeah so that was an amazing experience and we expect good things from that but life is great I’m having fun and man I love the mission but yeah I better get going I love you guys o and my address is the same. I’m not moving :) everything is great here and I’ll tty next weeklove ya elder ward

Letter to Andrea:
haha good idea with the halloween stuff I was luigi last year and Nate my buddy was mario (Andrea is dressing the twins as Mario & Luigi for Halloween) haha but yeah life is great here and I’m having fun I’m sure you already got my letter and know pretty much everything but yeah it’s great and I’m staying in the same place so yeah you can send me stuff now :) but anyways good luck with moving (Andrea and Bill are moving into a different house still in England L) I wish I could come help ya cuz I know its going to be killer haha good thing you haven’t been in that house for too long and don’t have a ton of stuff all piled up that you have to get rid of but yeah so I’m so excited about this mass missionary movement it’s going to be great and I can’t wait to talk to Jason about the missionary life after he has been in the field for a while it’s going to be awesome I seriously can not wait but yeah tell everyone hi and I love you guys I cant wait to get your mail from the girls :)
love ya
elder ward

and a little bit of Spanish directed to Robert – cuz I sure didn’t understand any of it …

haha si usamos la palabra chevere cada dia. pero la vida aqui is perfecta me encanta la vida misional. di a brad que espanol es facil y si el realmente quiere aprenderlo podra hacerlo. ahora yo no se mucho de espanol pero estoy aprendiendo rapido yo espero que jason va a mision en un pais que habla espanol porque seria muy chevere si todas de nosotros hablamos espanol pero nuestro investigadores estan progresando y haciendo todo lo que necesitan me encanta la mision y yo se que va a encatarle a jason tambien pero tengo que irme le amo mucho y voy a hablar a ti luego le amo elder ward

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