Monday, September 21, 2009

Week # 09/21/2009 (Adjuntas)

Email dated: 09/21/09

well life down here in paradise is going amazingly well haha this week was really kind of a complicated one (I learned something this week from our president. He said nothing is hard its just complicated and you have to figure out how to accomplish it :)) We ended up dropping all of our investigators pretty much last week and some moved away and stuff so this week we were pretty much just finding all week all day long so we found some people but then the appointments (that was weird to write it took me forever to think of the word appointments we use "cita" haha) but anyways all of the citas that we set up during the week pretty much all of them fell so yeah it was kind of a bummer because we still don’t have any investigators and we are working like crazy trying to find some so yeah we are expecting some good things this week and gonna work hard to find some more people. :)but anyways it sounds like life is going good down there I mean all this bag piping, partying and stuff sounds a little crazy to me haha :) but yeah it’s so true what Mallory says about your mission being the best one in the world cuz you do really love it and it’s really funny cuz in the mtc everyone says their mission is the best mission ever and they haven’t even been to or really know anything about where they are going haha its kinda fun but its cool cuz right from the start you just love where you’re gonna go and you just want to help people and change peoples lives so much its kind of a crazy thing but definitely true because I can tell you right now that the Puerto Rico San Juan West Mission is the best one in the world ;)but tell Jason good luck with the temple challenge haha its kinda crazy but if I were him my advice would be to switch it up and go do some annointing and then endowments and then some sealings and then back to endowments so you don’t do the same thing the whole time that’s what I wish I would have done but yeah either way he will have fun and love it :) it’s a pretty cool experience and you learn a ton of really really cool stuff but anyways about his clothes -- I would get some nice ecco shoes because I think they are the best long lasting and durable and they don’t have hot liners or anything which is way nice. I definitely would say not to get the doc martins because they look way good and mine were definitely cheap and that was nice but other than that I don’t like them as much because they are heavy and a lot hotter. It also would be smart to see if those hush puppy ones are still on the internet the brown ones cuz I think they would be way nice shoes and are a good deal but don’t get the hush puppies like mine cuz they are great shoes and I really like them but the little sole liner thing since it had that little bubble thing for my heel well I already wore that out and it came off so I have to go buy some like doctor scholles or something. and for his suit I assume he only buys one but tell him to get something he likes cuz everyone just wears black ones but if I were him I would get a brown one or a grey one cuz they don’t attract the sun as much and I like it cuz they look good :) but yeah o and for socks tell him to get short ones because they are a lot cooler just like short black ones but then you also have to make sure that your pants are long enough too so don’t get them cut to short but yeah that’s about all I got for advice o except definitely get polyester ties they are a lot better haha but yeah if you are curious about anything else I guess you can ask me next week.
Everything here is going swell and I’m loving the mission life o and if you want when you send that package you can throw a bag of laffy taffys in there cuz they don’t make those around here haha but that would be good but other than that I’m doing really good and having fun I didn’t really take any pictures this week so yeah sorry about that I don’t have any to send ya but it sounds like everything is going great and I cant wait to hear how the hunting season goes it sounds like its off to a great start so make sure Jason keeps me well informed haha well I’ll talk to you guys later
love ya
Elder Ward

Letter to Andrea:

haha i guess the letter will be like a little surprise time capsule when you find them haha but yeah everything is going good I’m loving it here in Puerto Rico but yeah we had two baptisms 2 Sundays ago and that was really cool and everything went well it was awesome. Jason is going to love his mission I have met a ton of people that have gone there and it’s really really cool from what I’ve heard. The language will be a little hard I’m not going to lie I heard that it’s a little different and when you move to another place in the mission the dialect completely changes and it’s a bit tuff but he will do fine :) I’m excited for him anyways -- about the food here when we eat at a members it is always the same just rice and beans with meat but yeah I love it. It’s way good and i cook some good stuff here a lot so we are good with that except we have a lame oven so it’s really hard to bake stuff in it so we have given up on that because it’s like a tiny little electric one and it just burns stuff so you have to like turn the heat half as hot if you want it to work and yeah it’s just a mess and I don’t use it anymore :) How’s the new house? I bet you had a fun little move haha but it sounds like everything is going good up there make sure and tell Kenna that Eric does look kinda cute and girly sometimes but she better stick with the girly hair styles hahaha jk. (Kennady wanted her hair cut like Eric’s and Andrea told her she couldn’t cuz Eric is a boy and she is a girl and needed a little girl haircut. So then she told Andrea she wanted it cut “just like Grandma’s”.) I thought that was funny but yeah life’s great and I’m having fun and I’ll talk to you next week
tell everyone hi for me :)> love ya > > elder ward

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