Monday, October 19, 2009

Week # 10/19/2009 (Adjuntas) 3rd Transfer

Email dated: October 19, 2009
3rd Transfer
Companion: Elder Maxwell from Alpine, Utah

Hola Familia

So me and my companion are doing good he’s from Lone Peak Utah and he’s awesome. I was just telling dad that I was pretty sure that there wasn’t another missionary in my mission that did outdoors stuff and liked hunting but then the next day I meet my companion and sure enough he likes it about as much as we do haha but yeah his name is Elder Maxwell and we’ve been doing good. He works hard so its great we are going to get a lot of stuff done this transfer I know it :)But anyways that’s cool it was homecoming week this week. I remember one time at mutual we were doing that fear factor thing and I had to eat a caramel covered onion and it was sick. I couldn’t do it -- man it killed me haha so I know how he feels that would have been rough. (At the Homecoming Assembly the Homecoming King Nominees were in a relay. They each had to put on nylons, high heel shoes, a dress, boa, jewelry and then eat a caramel apple. The one that had a caramel covered onion was the Homecoming King.)So that’s cool that the ward is getting to work with the missionary work. How it’s really supposed to get to is something called CAR (conversion, activation, and retention) and all the leaders and the missionaries meet every week and they go over all the people they are teaching and the members bring new names and everyone works together to do it. Its pretty crazy but after being on a mission for a while I can see how it would work wonders haha so keep it up and get the ward going good hahaA NEW STAKE CENTER?! That’s crazy so that will be cool I guess when I get home. its kinda weird I don’t like getting old and everything changing haha its definitely going to be weird to go to Mountain Home when I get back.(Matthew sent home a package with some funky hats for Jason & Eric.) I knew they would love them haha I actually bought them because Nate Call had one at school and so I thought it would be funny if I bought one and we could wear them to school haha ok so about MR elder Wingman haha ok I know its going to be a lot of money but it would be cool if you can get him the bible too with his name on it but make sure its the new bible cuz the new bible just came out in Spanish and Elder Kolar was supposed to order that for him but then he left and forgot so yeah if you could just get a set of scriptures it doesn’t matter what color and no tabs and make sure its inscribed cuz that’s the main reason I’m having you do it cuz I could order them but I can’t get it stamped haha but yeah and just take money out of my account to do it :) THANKS! (Who does he think puts the money in his account? HAHA! as Matt would say!)But yeah we knew Elder Kolar was going to Aruba because when you leave to the Islands you get to know a little bit before because you have to fly over and stuff so yeah we knew he was going there and also when president came to church we got him to tell us that my companion was coming from the islands hahabut anyways that reminds me of something -- so since my companion has been in the islands for the last 6 months where they speak papiamento he doesn’t know that much Spanish haha so its way cool I really like it because before Elder Kolar knew it way good so he just spoke but now that my comp doesn’t know it to well I have to talk a lot more :) I mean he can talk as good as I can I think but it just helps me learn more :) about the pictures I’ve got a couple new ones I think so I’ll try to send them today but we’ll see if it works haha and for p-days usually we don’t have to much time to play around so usually we get all our stuff done as soon as we can and then just hang out with some other elders and go to the beach or play dominoes and stuff. But today we are staying in Adjuntas instead of driving down to Ponce so we might go to the highest mountain in Puerto Rico or something it all depends if we have time but yeah everything is going great down here in island paradise and we are working hard and having fun we are still trying hard to find new investigatores and we have been doing good this week so that’s exciting! We had one family that we found. It’s a younger family with 4 1/2 kids she’s about to have a baby any second but yeah so we are really excited about them. We have taught them two lecciones and they are awesome the last lesson that we had with them he asked us what the requirements to get baptized are so that was really cool and I’m excited to teach him some more. We’ve found some other pretty good people one guy we went to teach his daughter and when we showed up he was sitting there and we asked him if he would want to come in and have a lesson with us (which was also a blessing because it was a lady that didn’t have a husband so we couldn’t have gone in the house if he didn’t come) but yeah he told us that he was evangelical and didn’t want to do it but then finally he did and when we taught him he just ate up the whole lesson and just loved the Book Of Mormon and took it for scripture right off the bat. It was awesome I’ve never seen someone that just got introduced to the B of M take it like so respectfully it really is cool and I’m excited for him as well.Well that’s about all for this week. Life is going great and I would love to see those pictures you guys are sending me so yeah and put some of the cabin in there too if you can cuz I haven’t seen those pictures still either :) but yeah I hope all is well at home and I’ll talk to you guys next week.

elder ward

ps how’s Andrea doing? she hasn’t emailed me in about two weeks

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