Monday, December 14, 2009

Week # 12/14/2009 (Ponce)


Hola family

so im going to start out with all your questions first so i dont forget but first off garments i am good im just going to use the ones i have untill i wear them out cuz they are fine its just if i did it again i would get all low necks and try some mesh ones and then drylux haha but anyways about the shoes i really wanted a pair of the non water proof and the light brown... i dont think they have the light brown in the shoes that are like my black ones and yeah they are waterproof i really like them but i just want to see if otherones that arent waterproof are a little cooler. so for the christmas call it will probably be in the moring for you guys cuz i think im 3 hours ahead of you so that means ill probably be calling you guys at like 11 or 12 i think right around noon i guess but i will just call you guys and then ill tell you the number of the phone that i use and then you can just call me back cuz our cell phone is free long distance and if i dont use the cell phone ill probably call you from a members phone with a phone card :) and then lastly i havent gotten the package yet so i dont know if the cds worked but i will check the mail after when i get home today and if not it should get her sometime this week and then i will check :) but all of the other cds that you have sent they all worked fine so yeah :) but anyways i hope i answered all your questions haha so it sounds like everything is going great over there in Idaho haha thats so cool that jason went through the temple wow thats great stuff hes a lucky duck haha what kind of garments did he decide to get? o and what did you guys do after? did you go to tacanos? but anyways thats awesome dad and jason are speaking what was his excuse to have dad speak? :) but thats cool i wish i got to listen to them :( i guess ill just ask for a reinactment when i get back :) but it sounds like you guys are getting everything figured out and are going to have a nice little partyso im sending you guys are package today and it has some little gifts and surprises for everyone so that should get there pretty soon and also ive been looking hard for some nativities and there is a whole ton of catholic ones but i dont like them much because the catholic statues always make everyone look all wierd and like sad and dark and dreary so yeah i dont like those ones but ive been looking and we know of a place where all the artisans go and i guess they make a lot of them out of wood so i want to get ya one from there but the only problem is that its off limits and we arent aloud to go there.... so i talked to some good member friends and we are going to send them in to check it out and then hopefully i can get one that way but it probably wont be before christmas sorry :(that is crazy that kyle is comming home it actually seems like a whil cuz that first year seems like a long time ago because i was still in high school when he left haha crazy but when i look at that second year it went by like a lightning bolt haha i cant believe ive been out so long its almost been 7 whole months! :( CRAZY! but that will be exciting and cool that he gets to see jason right before he leaves ok so thats so awesome the wrestling coaches asked them all haha they just know that the mormon kids have good work ethic and standards and all that great stuff all ya got to do is set the example and good stuff happens right :) thats awesome it sounds like hes having a good time wrestling but anyways so now to the missionary work haha its really going awesome and we are doing great! WE SET A BAPTISMAL DATE! her name is celeste and she is going to get baptized on january 2 so we are really excited about that and also i kid that has been going to church for a really long time his parents are probably going to finally let him get baptized for his gift of the tres reyes! so yeah we might be having two baptisims these next couple weeks so yeah a couple prayers wouldnt hurt for those guys ;) but yeah besides them we have two other people we have been teaching a lot ones name is tony diaz and we contacted him while he was outside boxing and hes a really cool kid and doing good so yeah we are going to keep teaching them and then other family that has these two little kids that are like amazing pro soccer players haha and they are from cuba but the mom works everyday including sundays and is only home on saturday so they are going to take some work but yeah they are good too so yeah send some prayers this way and they would be apriciated :) but anyways thats about it life is going great and im excited to get all this good stuff going before the end of transfers o yeah also something cool that happened was since ive been on my mission weve had this standard set that we need to contact 140 people unplanned do 12 horas of tocing doors and teach 20 lessons every week but pretty much no one ever really gets those but anyways so i got here my first week and i saw how awesome this area is and i knew we could get it so that first week we worked hard and got everything except the lessons we had like 14 lessons but then this week i told my companion we are getting it no matter what and we are going to work hard and get there (not that we were just focusing on the numbers because really thats not what matters) but i knew we could get the goal if we would just try our best but anyways what happened is was my companion didnt really want to do it and he has some health problems but i told him we could if we just tried and prayed really hard and i shared nephi 3 7 and nephi 17 3 and then we were just working hard and just kept going and going every day and at the first of the week he was always saying we cant we cant we cant but as we kept working he finally was like seeing that we could do it and then sunday came around and we had to teach 3 lessons get 20 contacts and 2 hours of finding but i told him i knew we could do it and so we left the house and then my bike tire popped and we had a lesson clear out in the boonies and i was like man idk what we are going to do so i ran my bike home really fast (while my companion rode his lucky bugger :) haha) and then we put my bike inside and then ran over to a members house shared a lesson asked him for a ride which was the life safer WAHOO and then i was worried about getting 2 more lessons but then in our 2 hours of finding time we found two inactives that let us teach them and WE DID IT! it was awesome it was great for me though i loved it because i learned a ton it was a testimony builder for me that heavenly father will give us all we need to complete with his commandments all we have to do is do our part and really want it :) it was great now i just have to keep that standard my whole mission haha but anyways sorry this emails so long but yeah i got to go
I LOVE YOU GUYS and tell jason to send me a letter here pronto haha
love ya
elder ward

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