Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WOOHOO! Pictures! 01/20/2010

Hey mom -- I thought I would send you some pics!
Elders Cramer, Stanley, Ward, & Pliler!
Outside Elders Ward & Stanley's apartment!
(Ponce 2 District)

Elders Cramer, Ward, & Pliler!

This one is probably my favorite picture of my whole mission (so far)! You have to send it to everyone. Two "bums" sleeping on the cement under the mattress store sign! HAHA!
(This MOM doesn't think this is very funny! Quite sad if you ask me!)
Hope you enjoy and I think I forgot to tell you I did get the backpack and it's awesome. I think it's way better than the other ones and it was cheaper so I am way stoked!
Love ya Elder Ward

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