Monday, February 1, 2010

02/01/2010 (Ponce, PR)



sounds like everything is going good back at home. It’s so awesome that me and Jason both are finally out at the same time. Its great I’m really excited I can’t wait for him to get out in the real deal. Its pretty crazy that he has already been in the mtc a whole month the time on the mission just gets faster and faster. its pretty crazy I’m scared though I need to find a slow motion switch but the problem is the longer time goes on and the harder you work the faster it just goes. Pretty crazy but yeah anyways things are going really great here. me and my comp have been working pretty hard and its awesome I came into this area and the ward was kinda down we didn’t have any investigatores and things were just kinda rough but now its going great. We were working so hard to get things back up and get the members excited and i thought it would never happen but it sure is now. It’s so great! We went to church yesterday and we gave our mission leader our progress record and he just kept calling us los caballos or los monstruos it was pretty funny and then he talked in sacrament meeting and just got the people really excited about the work. It really was great and I’m way excited. We have a family of 4 -- 3 of which are baptism age and they are amazing. The kids really really want to get baptized and the mom is excited too but she wants to learn more about the church so we are teaching them and yeah it’s just awesome. They are a reference from our mission leader’s son who is 12 and it’s just great. the first time we taught them was after they went to church and they just kept asking their mom if they could be baptized and the moms fine with it but we just explained to her that baptism is a big thing and that we would like to teach them all and then they can all get baptized as a family! it was AWESOME! so I’m way excited to teach them this week. Then we have a German lady that is just loving the Book of Mormon and she is just progressing really well and I’m excited about her but yeah really everything is just going great and I’m really EXCITED!! All the hard work is starting to pay off a little and IM LOVING IT! but yeah life’s great the mission is the best!

love you guys

elder ward

ps I don’t really need anything for my birthday I’m pretty much set but you can send me a box of homemade chocolate chip cookies those really good ones you used to always make and id be a happy camper :)

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