Monday, May 24, 2010

05/24/2010 (Cabo Rojo)

Wow that’s awesome they had their baby. (Brad (Matthew's cousin) & Brittany had a baby boy on May 21st) Let me know when they name him :) Pretty exciting -- but is he considered my cousin I don’t know how that works or is he my second cousin I’m not very good at that haha!

So Puerto Rico is awesome! Cabo Rojo is great! The guy I was teaching is getting baptized this Saturday and the other one had to go to the states for a couple weeks so he will be back in not too long and then he should get baptized as well (He’s talking about people he was teaching in his old area, Mayaguez).

But yeah so I’m way far away from the mission home about as far as I can get. haha The mission home is in Bayamon like right next to San Juan. Cabo Rojo is a cool place there are two wards in this area and they are probably the strongest wards in the island which is awesome our bishop is a pretty cool guy he was like way way way inactive for a while and then someone reactivated him and two weeks later he was called to be a Bishop. It’s pretty cool, he’s an awesome guy.

Zone Conference is just a big meeting with the whole zone and president talks and we learn and Zone Conferences are awesome.

I love being here in Cabo Rojo we are doing pretty good we have an awesome family that will be getting married on the 12th and baptized on the 19th and then we also found some others that are really awesome as well and should progress really soon. I love living with 4 elders! It’s pretty cool except it means that our area is way far away so we have to ride our bikes super far just to start working in our area but yeah its good it keeps us on our toes haha :) but yeah the mission rocks we are doing great and I’m excited for the family we are teaching WAHHOOO!

Love ya

Elder Ward

ps: stay out of the snow and thanks for ordering that I’m excited to see how they are haha :) (I ordered Matthew some Polyester Ties off of Ebay! The small and simple things that make a missionary happy!)

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