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That’s so awesome that you are having the missionaries over. I always think about that and how it will be so weird once I get home to talk to the missionaries. Haha! But yeah that’s awesome! In our mission we’ve been trying to get out like crazy. When president first started talking to us he was like look for ways to do it and get it down. Haha! We bought window paint and wrote it neatly across the back window on our car! It was cool and then a bunch of missionaries got permission where there are graffiti walls in PR and wrote it there and we did the thing where you spell it with cups in the fence. it was cool! Haha! we were trying to think of so many things we also made special little cards to give to people.

We had transfers two weeks ago. I am still in Vega Baja with Elder Taylor from California. We are supposed to go to Bayamon 2 times a week but idk we are trying to get that changed. We have a meeting with president tonight and tomorrow morning so we will see what happens.

Teaching is going great. We have some great families that are really doing well. The family with the date for the 12th is progressing well and are doing great! I’m really excited for them. They are awesome. We are going to go teach them tonight with two of the recent converts from the ward so they can talk to them a bit about baptism :) (The family is a bit nervous cuz they’ve never seen a baptism haha)

I’m in a ward that has about 75 people in church a week but we are getting that up there is a lot of great people here but we are trying to get that going better now as well. We have a member that is SO SO SO awesome. He loves us so much and trusts us like crazy so he invited a ton of people over for family night and that’s where pretty much all of the families we are teaching came from either from that or referrals from people that went to that.

That’s crazy that Adam is coming home that early? He came to the mtc 3 weeks after I did so I figured he’d be coming home about the same time as me. Kinda crazy but yeah I cant wait to talk to him about his mission that will be fun.

So about the housing – I’m not sure what to do cuz we’ll probably want to move out after the first semester depending on what Jason wants to do (I haven’t talked to him) and also I still want to see if we can fix up that old farm house of grandpas and rent out the rooms and make a bit of money. (I have no idea how bad it is) Also last time we did that we signed up for two semesters and it was cheaper and then when I switched at the semester they only made me pay 100 bucks I think it was so it came out to be the same anyways so I don’t know if it would be better to sign up for 1 and then be good or buy two and sell it and change if we have to. Probably just do 1 and then we will go from there :). Did you talk to Nate about that? But yeah thanks :)

So I wanted to ask you to send me some things; first off it’s a video of the church. The office doesn’t let us order much anymore but it is the new Joseph Smith video. I don’t know if you have seen it but WOW it’s amazing. It comes in like a 4 disc pack with a bunch of stuff about the Doctrine and Covenants and a ton of other stuff but if you could get that in Spanish and send it to me that would be awesome and then also get on the computer and download all the conference talks in Spanish and put them on cds for me and send them AS FAST AS POSSIBLE :)

For my birthday I’m good - I don’t need anything. I was going to see if you could find a nice electric shaver but the weather over here makes them rust and it messes my face up here so it would probably just be better to buy one when I get back so yeah don’t worry about buying anything and if you insist on buying something buy me a razor and I’ll get it when I get home! Haha!

But yeah things are going great!
Love you guys

Elder Ward

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