Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is some scary stuff I’m signing up for college – Nate’s freaking me out! Haha! and remember my other buddy Justin? Well he left on his mission March 4th so that means he has 1 month left of his mission. I always figured me and him go home about the same time :( SCARY!

Thanks for getting that all sent. It wasn’t that much money was it? I just figured it would be free doing it on your own. But thank you! :) Do you know if they said how long it takes for it to be sent cuz the members here told me it takes a while when they get it sent from online so I guess we’ll see what happens. Oh and I forgot to tell you those cds you sent me ended up working it was just that they were made for a cd player that reads mp3 files cuz that’s what you copied them as and I didn’t have one that did that so I later found that out but they all got stolen with the rest of my stuff right when I found out they worked! Haha!

hahaha yeah I think it’s so weird how old Eric is now. He’s old enough to be datin the ladies and that’s just crazy haha! He doesn’t still have a big old crazy mop on his head does he?

That’s so awesome that Corey Hall was on the winning team for a Super Bowl! Haha! Wow nuts that’s two super bowls now I’ve missed! haha kinda crazy! I don’t even know what it’s like to watch football anymore.

Sounds like your trip to Spain will be really cool! How many of the adults don’t know spanish? You guys might just have to postpone the trip and I’ll have to go instead :) haha its weird to think that I can talk Spanish.

Things are going great here. We go to Bayamon Monday and Tuesday every week and yeah there are a ton of missionaries there. There are always 6 and then everytime we go we bring 4 more for a total of 10 so yeah its pretty crazy. President also has me and my companion go to universities in Bayamon to try and talk to young adults. (this week was our first week trying that out and it was a bit of an experience. Talking to young adult Puertoricans is a tough thing to do but we’ll find a way to crack them haha) so yeah the thing in Bayamon is still on the developmental stage but it’s going good our Area is going GREAT! The Rodriguez family is going to get baptized on the 19th. We moved it back a week because he wanted to be good 100% solid on the no more drinking coffee. I think he’s been good for 5 days straight now so he’s doing great. But yeah the other people we are teaching are doing really well as well and it’s great to see. A lot of times we just wish we could be normal missionaries so all we have to worry about is our area and baptizing the families we are teaching - haha but yeah life’s great things are going well and we are having fun!

love ya

Elder Ward

ps I don’t know how it all works but I’m pretty sure I have to do some stuff with classes soon. I guess our ecclesiastical endorsement had to be in like a week or so ago but we went and talked to president and he said he would send it in :) so yeah if you could see when I need to do classes and all that stuff that would be great thanks :)

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