Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Yeah isn’t it crazy how fast time flies? It’s scary! and Jason is an old geezer now.

Well I don’t have that much time today but before I forget I need you to do something that I didn’t know about so you have to resubmit my application to BYU-I so what I need ya to do is get online on the Besmart website and do that for me. My sign in name is __________ and my password is _________ so yeah if you could get on and do that and then I’ll make sure President does my endorsement but if you could do that this week at least that would be awesome it shouldn’t take too long cuz its all pretty much filled in you just have to read it really quick and update some things.

Zone Council was really great. I enjoyed it. Right now we have a TON of senior couples but most of them are usually doing the work on the islands in our mission. We don’t have any young missionaries on the islands anymore but yeah Elder and Sister Button are great. I just talked to them yesterday haha.

But anyways the Rodriguez family did get baptized and they are great. We got a little scared because we had the baptism scheduled for Saturday night and they didn’t show up and she called and she was freaking out cuz her husband hadn’t gotten home from work yet and it was all crazy but then we figured it out -- he got home late because he was working and something went wrong and they couldn’t let him leave so we did the baptism after church on Sunday and that was great I loved it :)

The CDs haven’t gotten here yet but they could have come today but I know they weren’t there yesterday. But don’t worry I go to the office a lot so I should find out pretty soon :)

Sounds like you’re all having fun and that it’s starting to get closer to spring. Haha! But we all know that the first day of spring doesn’t come until one of the best days of the year (Matthew’s Birthday is on the first day of Spring) haha so we will all just have to wait about a month or so.

I don’t really need anything for my birthday. I think I’ll be good so yeah don’t worry about sending anything really.

Things are going great here and we are really working hard and having fun. We have had a lot of success and its been great.

Love ya

Elder Ward

PS: I have seen Taken I’m not that old hahaha

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