Wednesday, March 2, 2011

03/02/2011 - Transfers! Zone Leader again!

Companions: Elder Dennis and Elder Taylor


Well things are going great here in Puerto Rico I LOVE IT!

This week was a great week we had our zone council which is always good so that was fun and there is a lot of crazy changes going on. One thing I’m back with Elder Dennis again but we are in a threesome with my same companion. So me, Elder Dennis, and Elder Taylor and we are all zone leaders. It’s Elder Dennis' first time as zone leader so we will all be working together but at the same time me and Elder Taylor will be working with every elder in the zone so that’s going to be pretty crazy. The first three weeks Elder Taylor will be traveling all around the zone and then the next three weeks I’ll leave and do it. It will be fun but will probably give me a bad back – haha - an air mattress for like 6 weeks! Haha! This will also be my last transfer as zone leader :) then I just get sent to San Juan area where I get to just work hard for my last 9 weeks and enjoy being a hard working missionary! WAHOOO!!! So yeah I’m excited about all that!

The week also ended super good cuz yesterday we got to go out and work with all the new Greenie missionaries that got in yesterday. So all last night me, Elder Taylor, the APs and some other Zone Leaders each took out a new missionary and it was so fun! I was way excited it reminded me of my very first day as a missionary and we just worked like crazy! We placed 3 Book of Mormons and taught a family - it was way fun. Oh and I forgot to tell you a new missionary will be coming in next transfer from Magrath Canada cool huh? (That is the town I grew up in (Karen).)

Yeah I don’t really know what to do about the whole byu-i thing. There isn’t really much I can do. But they love missionaries so I think I’ll be ok! Haha!

I got 4 out of 6 of the DVDs you sent. Yeah you got the right ones - its just everyone wants them cuz they have that new movie so they are on back order so we might have to wait a while. But yeah really I can’t think of anything for my birthday so don’t worry about it I’ve got too much junk I don’t know what I’m going to do with at the end of my mission.

That’s cool you talked to Charles. It will be fun to see him when I get back. We’ll go hunting or camping or something and then I’ll make him go to church for my homecoming talk or something cool hahaha

That’s awesome Brad got his truck finally. Is it brand new? and is it diesel?

So does Eric work at the car wash everyday? and do you still have the hispanic guy working there? What’s the ranger doing? Does anyone drive it? Do we still have it?

So where are the Jensen's from? That’s cool their boys must be about my age when do they get back? and where are they serving?

Yeah the valentine made it thank you :)

Little kids are awesome! He made a good choice of scripture haha. There’s a little 9 year old boy that we teach him and his family and he cracks me up. Last time we were at his house he was outside on the porch burning leaves with a magnifying glass and I told Elder Taylor to put his hand in the light and see how hot it was and he was just messing around and he’s like ouch! and pulls his hand away! But yeah the kid loves us and they all think I’m like the mastermind and Elder Taylor is my Hench man haha so he tells his mom that I told Elder Taylor to do it and he burnt his hand. It was pretty funny! We are always joking around with them and for some reason they think I’m a prankster and Elder Taylor just carries out what I tell him to. It’s way funny!

But yeah life is going great and we are having fun!

Love ya,

Elder Ward

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