Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Yeah I got the package last night. I was in the office and it was there so THANK YOU!! Me and Elder Dennis are dieting! Haha! so we’ll have to share the treats with everyone. It’s so funny because when I was with Elder Dennis the first time he told me he was going to diet and lose weight and so him being my companion and all I decided to help and do it too and we did good for a while and then he broke and it went down hill from there hahaha! but the other day at the beginning of this transfer he told me again it was so funny “he’s like you got to help me Elder Ward” so I told him no messing around this time so I’m officially Elder Dennis' personal trainer hahahaha even all the Ward members know we are dieting and they don’t even try to give us pop anymore (that’s a blessing) :). But yeah thank you very much I ate one of those taffys today and it was pretty dang good.

So yeah we heard all about all that Japan stuff and I heard they got some nuclear power plant problems and if it keeps getting worse it will effect the Western United States so yeah we don’t get to much news but i talked to a couple people in the street about it.

What else is new? O yeah the coolest thing every that family that just got baptized we got it all figured out how to get them to the temple this week so that they can do baptisms for the dead it was AWESOME! They left yesterday and are going to be in Florida for a month so we got them all set up and got there recommends and everything I’m SO excited for them :) we told them they have to wear a skirt and white shirt and a tie so we got that under control I had a white shirt that someone gave me so I gave it to him with a tie haha.

So this week we had a really cool experience and found two new families. so we are really excited about that. They both seem very interested and one even has some family that are members.

but yeah thanks again for the package I hope you enjoy your trip you’ll have to send me some pictures and let me know all about it. You guys are going to have a blast.

Love ya

elder ward

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