Wednesday, March 9, 2011

03/09/2011 - Letter to Dad!


That’s cool Brad got his truck. I bet he’s just way excited.

So does the cabin have everything finished then? or is there still a little bit more to do? Did you ever decide to do a porch? I can’t wait to stay in it and the ones up at the farm. I told Elder Burton that me and him are going to go to the cabin up in Rocky Bar and spend a few days on the lake this summer haha so you better have all that all ready to roll :)

How much do those Rangers cost? but yeah I heard they are pretty fun. I can’t remember which one it is but I think it’s the Yamaha that makes a really nice one too. I was talking to Elder Dennis about it him and his family are way into all that stuff. He’s the one whose grandpa was your teacher at Ricks but yeah they build all sorts or sandrails and do all that stuff. His dad’s way way way good at all that stuff so I told him we might have to go to town on the Willys after the mission haha!

Jason was talking to me about hunts. I have no idea when they are so you’ll have to just put in for me this year and see if I get an extra little blessing on top for serving a mission! Hahaha!!

Love ya

Elder Ward

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