Wednesday, March 30, 2011


haha wow! It sounds like you guys are having funny and running around all over the place. You’re going to have to keep Eric on a leash. He turns 16 and he thinks he can just buy swords and go dancing with the Flamenco Dancers huh?

That’s awesome that you’re taking a lot of pictures. I really should get better about that but yeah. I think I told you that transfers were on the 6th but they’re not they are on the 13th so yeah I got a little mixed up. But yeah so transfers are on the 13th and then starts my nine week program. Today I have to turn in all my flight home info :(

That’s cool that there were so many Mormons on the trip. How many kids were there? and how many adults? Yeah I really want to hear Kennady talking like a Brit haha.

WOW! I completely forgot that I will be calling home in like a month haha that’s weird. That will be a weird Phone Call. It’s a good thing I extended my mission. :)

Things are going good - we are working hard and having fun. We have found some really cool families. One is an Adventist family that are really strong in their church but they are listening and studying and learning and progressing well. Another family is the granddaughter of one of the members and she and her daughters are going to church and they went to a baptism the other day and they are doing really well as well. I think in the next little while there is going to be a lot of success in the ward and that is exciting :)

Things are going great and I’ll talk to you soon
Love ya

Elder Ward

PS So I was going to ask you to talk to Bishop Price because for like the last 4-5 months I haven’t been able to wear my contacts because I put them in and my right one hurts my eye like crazy and if I leave it in my eye just produces a ton of eye boogers and all sorts of junk. The other day I opened a new pack and tried them out again because I hadn’t tried for like 2 months and I wore them like the whole day but it kept bugging my right eye and then I took them out to go to bed and when I woke up my eye was like sealed shut with eye boogers it was crazy. So yeah I’m not really sure what’s wrong but if you could ask him about that or what I should do that would be great. But if we can’t figure anything out I’ll just wear my glasses till I get home J

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