Wednesday, March 23, 2011



My birthday was pretty good - we had to do a lot of running around that day but it was good we had a meeting at the Stake Presidents house and his wife made us some homemade pizza so that was awesome. I’m not going to lie I forgot it was my birthday until about half way through the day haha.

Well it sounds like you had a fun little time in London running around all over the place. That’s funny they went to an antique shop. I’m pretty sure Bill nailed it right on the head haha. I can’t believe it’s already been a week to tell ya the truth. Time just goes way way way too fast now and I don’t know what the deal is. We are already 4 weeks into the transfer. Transfers are on the 6th and then that starts my last transfer so that’s when I’ll be with my whole group. I can’t wait to see what they have planned cuz they still won’t tell us all of it. Haha! but it will be fun I’m sure of it haha.

That’s so awesome that Adam is coming home on the 22nd that means I’ll barely beat him back home. haha You can tell Nathan that I told him good choice haha he needs the full 2 years ya can’t just cut it short!

So it sounds like the whole Howard crew is doing good. Do we know when for sure they are going to be moving to Texas? It will be nice having them there - maybe me and dad might have to try another little Texas trophy hunt just this time pick a better spot haha.

Everything here is going really well. We had a cool little learning experience on Sunday. Sometimes ya think when you’ve been on the mission for over a year and a half you have it pretty well figured out. So for weeks we have been just running around like crazy trying to get all our extra responsibilities done and also keep everything going in our area and complete with all the things president has asked us to do and we were just going crazy. So Sunday I got a bit frustrated haha (yes missionaries can get frustrated :)) so I said ya know that’s it we are going to do it right we are going to be diligent and plan everything out and not “run faster than we have strength” and so we started that this week are exercising a little more faith and it’s amazing. We are getting way more things done and its just going smooth and successful. (too bad I’m just now really learning that lesson huh?) It’s a dang good thing I added that extra little month on the end :) So yeah things really are going great we are working hard and just loving it.

love ya

elder ward

ps have fun in spain thats going to be a blast :)

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