Wednesday, March 9, 2011

03/09/2011 - A New Treat ... PIGS FEET!


You can tell Eric I’m going to have to whip him that phrase is bad haha it means something else so don’t make that mistake in Spain or you might get in trouble! :) The correct way to say it is. Como Estas? Tu tienes calor? You can’t say that someone is "Calient" (hot) you have to say "do you have heat" Tu (you) tienes (have) calor (heat) but don’t worry you’ll get it hahaha :)

That’s so crazy that it’s still snowing a bit. I really don’t know what I’m going to do because I think my body is ruined and I’m like thin blooded now or something because I don’t really get hot anymore and I freeze when it’s 70 degrees. I hope I’m not ruined for life. Haha!

That’s cool she bore her testimony and even cooler that she is going to the temple. Our recent converts are going to Florida on the 15th so they are going to go to the temple and do baptisms for the dead. I told them in a year that I’d go to the temple with them so we might be taking a little trip hahaha. They are way excited!

That’s so awesome so many missionaries are going out. I can’t remember who said it - I would have to look it up but someone promised that the more missionaries that a Ward has out the more that Ward is blessed. So the Ward should be seeing some good blessings by the time I get back right! :)

Well everything is going good here. Yesterday I was on a trade off with Elder Zenger (the one that’s going to live with me at school) it was pretty fun. I made him have to sing a solo at our recent converts house haha it was awesome. (two weeks ago I got Elder Dennis twice and now Elder Zenger I’m on a roll :) neither of them were very happy hahaha) but yeah I also got back on a bike for a couple hours yesterday and that was fun it had been a while but President wants us on a bike at least once a day so we are trying it out. I like it - it makes me feel like a real missionary haha.

What else... o yeah so the other day we had this big family night and then we ate after and they gave me a big old heaping plate of rice, beans and pigs feet. That was a treat! haha I don’t think there is any meat on those things just a bunch of bones and you just have to suck and slurp the fat off around the bone. Pretty crazy experience it was a first for me and Elder Taylor. We just looked at it, looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and then went to town on them hahaha!!!

But yeah we are going to have a big family night tonight with our recent converts and the mom’s sister and her family so that should be way fun we are excited!


Love ya,

Elder Ward

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