Wednesday, April 6, 2011


WOW!! Sounds like a fun trip I’m glad you got to see a lot and enjoyed yourselves. But don’t worry we can all take a relaxing vacation down to Puerto Rico all together when everyone’s home. I think it would be way fun to do for Christmas. (I was at the O'Dell family's house yesterday and they can’t wait for us to come down and stay there).

Conference was GREAT! I liked it a lot they talked a ton about families it was so awesome. We finally got a family to come to church and they came to the last session and just loved it they are a great family of 5 and all the family talks just hit them good :). You’ll have to watch the priesthood session on the internet it was really good. President Monson told all the returned missionaries to go to the temple and get married don’t wait hahahaha. I told Elder Dennis my new goal is to get married before he gets back from his mission hahahaha. But yeah really the talks were all very very good I loved the talk about “To be and To do” that was awesome and yeah they just were all really great I can’t wait till they come out in the church magazines so I can study them good. :). Elder Dennis told me I should ask Bishop if I can talk on conference and then I could just choose President Monson’s talk and tell all the single girls "look I’m not just saying it it’s the prophet. Do you want to follow the prophet?" hahaha but yeah I’ll be leaving Puerto Rico on June 18th. I guess they’ll have to check to make sure that’s possible but yeah I’m pretty sure that’s 100% but don’t worry they’ll call you with all the info and with my flight schedule and all that stuff. So yeah I’ll be in church there on Sunday the 19th but I’m guessing I won’t be talking on that Sunday - but who knows! haha.

Wow that’s crazy about Bishop Sessions! I hope he’s doing alright.

I still talk to Jason every week except the week that he was at the hospital so yeah it sounds like he’s doing good :)

But yeah thanks for everything I’ll talk to ya next week

love ya

elder ward
ps so yeah the project thing starts next week it’s still not all figured out yet and I’m pretty sure we aren’t supposed to know anything yet but I do know that we will all be living in the same house (the 14 people in my group maybe 16) and the house is way nice it’s a member that lives here that has a ton of money so it’s one of the other houses he owns and it has AC in every room WAHOOO!!! So that means we will be working in the San Juan area but I still don’t know all the details :)

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