Wednesday, April 27, 2011

04/27/2011 - Grocery Shopping for 14 Missionaries!


Yeah Easter was good. We had this big old Easter mission get together it was pretty fun it was a lua (I don’t know how the heck to spell that but one of those Hawaiian party things :)) but yeah so we had a big old pig and we played sports and just had some fun. It was on Saturday but yeah pretty exciting.

So about taking pictures … I’m pretty sure that my camera got stolen at the party so I officially have one chip of pictures for my whole mission :( kinda sad but yeah we are hoping that it will show up though :) and don’t worry I have all the pictures my comps take :)

yeah so we are still running around like crazy but its cool. I got to go back to Cabo Rojo and that was AWESOME. It was great cuz I visited all the people I used to teach and got them all excited again so it was really really good for the missionaries there. I had a lot of fun :) We go to a laundry mat but I haven’t gone yet so I don’t really know how it is they always want me to go get the food so I always go with the guy that has the Costco card and Elder Zenger who’s going to live with me at school. We all just take out cash before we go and they give it all to me and we buy it. We usually spend about 300 dollars every week A LOT OF FOOD! 14 missionaries can sure eat but we do it very economically :)

We don’t really ever go to the mission home anymore but the mission office is like right next door and so we have a ton of meetings there all the time with president and stuff so that’s fun. We are like presidents guinea pigs and so he tries all this crazy stuff on us and then we come back and talk about it and evaluate and go at it again. The stuff we are doing is very crazy and pretty difficult just because it’s a completely different type of work than I have ever done my whole mission but it’s fun :) and I’m learning a ton!

but yeah sounds like everyone is doing good. Don’t have too much fun with all your Easter peacocks haha!

Love ya

Elder Ward

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